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April 2010 Archives

TransCanada Launches Alaska Gas Pipeline Open Season

30 April 2010 12:16am

With the GOM TransOcean Rig Spill Dominating Lower 48 News Programs, It's More Important Than Ever To Give the MMS Our OCS Comments Before the Monday Deadline!  

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Calgary Herald by Lisa Schmidt.  TransCanada Corp. is launching its open season for the massive Alaska pipeline project to sign up companies interested in shipping natural gas on the line.  The 2,700-kilometre-long pipeline — expected to cost between $32 billion to $41 billion US — would bring northern gas to southern markets, connecting the North Slope fields to the Alberta network.

Fiscal Stability Contract May Not Be Enough For Gasline Investors - Mackenzie "wait and see" - Author Comments On Mackenzie Project

29 April 2010 8:34am

May 3 Deadline: Please Give Your OCS Opinion, here, After Reading This NARUC Report

Alaska Standard by Dan Dickinson (NGP Photo).  Is a gas pipeline economic? First if investors think that commodity prices in the future won’t cover the tariff – and at today’s prices and estimated tariffs they certainly won’t – there will be no gas line.  Moreover, if investors suspect that the State has no other new sources of revenue they will be equally reluctant to invest in a gas line. Unknown future taxes on a potential gasline can be as troubling as low forecasted natural gas prices in making a project uneconomic.  A “contract” or legislative offer of fiscal stability which fixes taxes for some period have proven to be hard sells in this state politically. And even if we could all come to an agreement, it may not be enough. In 2008, as energy prices climbed Dr. David Wood noted ....

Big Line: Largest in N.A. History - Will Pipelines Join? - Economist Says to 'Slow Down' On Instate Pipeline

28 April 2010 9:46am

Please Weigh In On Your OCS Position Before Next Monday's Deadline!

Oil Daily.  The three major oil companies involved in two competing pipeline proposals to bring Alaska North Slope natural gas to markets in the US Lower 48 will end up joining forces because of the huge scale of the endeavor, according to the federal coordinator for the gas pipeline project.  “It not like the molecules as they come out of the ground are red if they’re Exxon’s and green if they're BP’s,” said Larry Persily (NGP Photo), who was recently appointed to the position.

Infrastructurist.  If constructed, a new Alaska gas pipeline would be the largest and most expensive private infrastructure project ever completed in North America. At a cost of up to $40 billion and stretching almost 2,000 miles, the line would stretch from the Arctic Ocean to Alberta and dramatically ease the transfer of natural gas to households in the U.S. and Canada.

ADN by David Reaume.  Alaska's energy needs are too important to allow decisions to be made without careful consideration of the alternatives. With that thought in mind, will everyone who cares please sit tight and wait until all of the alternatives are reasonably well understood before urging decision-makers to plunge ahead and build an in-state natural gas pipeline.

You Just Gotta Enjoy Houston's Breakfast Klub, Courtesy Of The Great Marcus Davis!

Talk about brilliant marketeer, amiable friend, charismatic leader, astute businessman, mentor to the young and true community organizer, celebrate with me our friend Marcus Davis' accomplishment ( - dh.  P.S. My favorite is Green Eggs and Ham (NGP Photo-r, below):


Dickinson Dissects Session - Parnell Approves Preparatory Plans for Proposed Pipeline

27 April 2010 7:56am

The Deadline Is Monday For Commenting On OCS; Please Do So HERE!

For the best analysis we've seen of the recent, Alaska legislative session, see CPA Dan Dickinson's (NGP Photo-l) recent presentation, here, to the Anchorage Mayor's Energy Task Force.  -dh

Fairbanks News Miner, by Christopher Eshleman.  Gov. Sean Parnell (NGP Photo) on Monday signed a bill that will beef up preparatory planning for a proposed intrastate natural gas pipeline.  ... A handful of agencies, including the state Housing, Finance and Railroad corporations, will steer the project — and have millions of dollars at their disposal — with the goal of producing a report for the Legislature and developers to consider by summer 2011. ... Parnell, addressing a crowd of about 100 construction workers and residents at the Pipeline Training Center off Van Horn Road, said he expects the work will result in “critical information” when the next Legislature considers its energy options. He said the in-state pipeline proposal is not in competition with energy companies’ efforts to build a larger pipeline in 10 years. ...The bill sets aside $16 million for a new Joint In-State Gas Line Development Team, which will include the Natural Gas Development Authority and Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. That’s more than twice the amount Parnell’s original spending plan asked for to refine the bullet line proposal, and the bill cites the need for an “aggressive effort involving planning, permitting and coordination of information sharing.”   ...he bill, a collaboration between House Speaker Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski, and Sen. Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage and co-sponsored by a small group of other lawmakers, cites 2016 as a target date for beginning operations on the pipeline. 

Yogi Berra, the Pipeliner, Might Say, "It's like deja vu all over again" - Another MMS Deadline Looms Next Week

26 April 2010 7:53am


The Department of Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS) is taking comment on the current revised 2007-12 lease sale program which contains a strong Alaska component.  Here is a web portal you may use to electronically transmit comment to the MMS .  From this site you can modify an existing letter to send your own letter in your own words, scroll to the bottom of the site. MMS is using a very brief period to build a record to help determine the fate of Alaska and other lease sale areas.  The comment deadline is Monday, May 3!

Yahoo Canada News.  Members of the independent federal agency, which regulates parts of Canada's energy industries, have until September to decide if the 1,200-kilometre Mackenzie Valley pipeline should be built, and under what conditions.  ... On Thursday, the board heard the last final argument from Imperial Oil's lawyer, Don Davies, who congratulated the NEB for giving the chance to participate and keeping the hearings efficient.  However, Davies was less complimentary about other regulatory processes in the North."How long will it take for northern regulators to review the project permit applications, for which approvals is required?" Davies told the board.  ... That sunset clause, along with many more conditions of an NEB permit, are now in the hands of Chairman Kenneth Vollman and fellow panellists Gaetan Caron (NGP Photo) and David Hamilton.  "Now we have our work cut out for us," Vollman said. "You can expect to receive our decision, with reasons, in September 2010."

Edmonton Journal by Dave Cooper.  For Alberta oilsands producers, the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline is a crucial new outlet for expanding bitumen production.  But for B.C. First Nations fighting over land claims, and environmental groups fearing another Exxon Valdezsized oil spill on the Pacific coast and further oilsands expansion, Northern Gateway is a rallying point for protest.  


Northern Gas Pipelines' Dave Harbour Places 12th in Heart Run...Mended Heart Category!

25 April 2010 9:50am

ADN, Yesterday's Heart Run, Mended Heart Category.  1) Howard Mozen 20:03; 2) John Haywood Jr. 22:59; 3) Mark Theroux Free Heart Clip Art23:18; 4) Douglas Molyneaux 23:35; 5) Robert Owens 25:57; 6) Richard Giessel 26:04; 7) David Norcross 27:22; 8) Timothy Casey 28:32; 9) Brett Shepard 30:43; 10) Wayne Pichon 31:05; 11) G. Rodney Kleedehn 31:07; 12) Dave Harbour 37:23; 13) Kevin Perron 42:43; 14) Bob Waters 43:15; 15) Michael Qaurne 45:42; 16) Michael Sutera 45:51; 17) Gene Clugston 49:14; 18) Phil Evans 1:13:42.

Last year's result: 

Nellie Cournoyea Says Move Mackenzie Pipe Ahead, With or Without Settled Claims - NEB To Decide By September - Senator Mark Begich Pushes OCS Revenue Sharing

23 April 2010 6:01am

Weigh In On OCS Today!

World News.  If approved, the 1,200-kilometre pipeline would run from the Beaufort Sea and through the N.W.T.'s Mackenzie Valley to northern Alberta, where it would connect with existing gas networks. (CBC) The Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline should go ahead, whether the last holdout First Nation has a settled land claim or not, says Inuvialuit leader and former N.W.T. premier Nellie Cournoyea (NGP Photo)....  (Comment:  For the sake of the people of the Territories, the health of oil sands production, the throughput of the TransCanada system, the sustainability of Northern cultures and the livlihoods of future generations of children who depend on the good decisions of their elders, we heartily agree with Nellie.  Enough frivolous delay.  -dh)

CBC.  The National Energy Board must now decide whether to approve a natural gas pipeline through the Northwest Territories' Mackenzie Valley, after it wrapped up its final hearings Thursday in Inuvik, N.W.T.

ADN, Senator Mark Begich (NGP Photo) Op-ed.  President Obama surprised many when he recently gave the green light for offshore oil and gas development along the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska.  ...I'll insist that some of the proceeds from OCS development be directly shared with affected coastal communities and the state of Alaska. Last July, I introduced legislation (S.1560) to do exactly that in my package of seven bills to address the impacts of climate change on Alaska.  (As we have observed, President Obama gave a green light to some Alaska OCS work, but red and yellow lights to most other new OCS projects around the Nation, including Alaska.  See our editorials of last summer.  -dh)



Mead Treadwell Demands: "Mr. Obama, Fill This Pipeline" - Calgary Pipeline Conference - Alaska Oil & Gas Congress - Governor Sean Parnell Demands 'Freedom' With Fox's National Audience

21 April 2010 4:43am

We urge readers to comment on Feds' leasing policy, here.


Juneau. Last weekend, Successful Alaska entrepeneur and Chairman of the U. S. Arctic Reseasrch Commission, Mead Treadwell told the assembled delegages to the Republican State Convention that President Obama could order his departments to take actions that would begin to once again fill Alaska's oil pipeline--and increase possible throughput for an Alaska gas pipeline.  

Governor Sean Parnell (NGP  Photo) defended 'Freedom' last night on Fox News, here.  His stand on Health Care is consistent with his demand that the Obama Administration provide more access to Federal lands for oil and gas lease sales, and less administrative interference.


Pipelines International.  The international pipeline community will gather later this year in the Canadian city of Calgary, host of the eighth International Pipeline Conference (IPC).  The theme of the conference, to be held from 27 September until 1 October, is ‘Pipelines in a Changing World’. The focus will be on issues challenging the pipeline industry, and strategies to deal with them.

Anchorage.  Your publisher will again co-chair the 6th Annual Alaska Oil & Gas Conference convening in Anchorage September 28 & 29; SAVE THE DATES! 

Legislative Aftermath Embraces Energy Projects - ExxonMobil Drilling Record - Canadian Pipe Threats Continue

20 April 2010 8:41am

OCS--With Revenue Sharing Is Alaska's Biggest Immediate Hope.  1) Landrieu Fights for Revenue Sharing.  2) We Must Personally Fight for OCS Access--Or No Revenue Share is Possible