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10-24-14 White House "Conspires" With Enviro Activists

23 October 2014 9:09pm

White House "Conspires" With Enviro Activists (i.e. as if we didn't know.  And, here's a playful, yet serious, video example.  -dh)

Mike Chenault, Alaska, Speaker of the House, gas pipeline, Dave Harbour PhotoPeninsula Clarion OpEd by Mike Chenault (NGP Photo) .  I’ve been involved in state politics for 14 years, and I have to say, the progress the Legislature and Governor Sean Parnell (NGP Photo) have made together in the last 2 years is a real highlight.   We’re farther than ever getting a big gasline built. I’ve never seen all the necessary parties aligned like they are today. They’re spending money, committing hundreds of millions more, signing agreements, running field programs, and applying for federal permits. Alaska, this is real work, not just a pipe dream. This is reliable, affordable gas to Alaskans — and gas to overseas markets, putting revenue into our state treasury.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Town of Inuvik is preparing to host the first annual Arctic Energy & Emerging Technologies Conference and tradeshow June 13-16. 2016. This relevant and timely event will replace the Inuvik Petroleum Show which has been welcoming delegates and attendees to the Beaufort Delta for more than a decade.  The first Inuvik Petroleum Show (IPS) was held in the year 2000. The original purpose of the conference and tradeshow was to bring together industry, businesses, and communities that would be involved in the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline. The intent was to build capacity of local people and businesses as well as establish relationships between stakeholders that would be necessary through the duration of this project.  Since the year 2000, the Inuvik Petroleum Show has been a marquee event for the oil and gas industry and has played a significant role in the local economy. It has also been a core operational mandate of the Economic 
Development & Tourism Department at the Town of Inuvik for the last decade. Significant contributions from various 
departments within the Town of Inuvik including staffing, labour, and show management have been attributed to the 
realization of this event.
ADN Op-Ed by Joe Balash (NGP Photo).  Bill Walker left a few things out of the story during his stroll down memory lane.  In a recent opinion piece in these pages, he contrasted his own approach to LNG development with Governor (Sean) Parnell’s. Despite conceding his long history of failure in attempting to commercialize North Slope gas, Walker claims he’d do better than Parnell by bringing transparency and collaboration to the table -- this from the man whose Alaska Gasline Port Authority keeps its agreements secret and whose approach to business centers more around the courtroom than the bargaining table.
Today's Consumer Energy Alliance Energy Links:
Albuquerque Business First: Energy sales require a lot of wheels *CEA Mention
As the production of oil and gas in New Mexico continues to grow, finding a way of getting those resources to market is a major question for the industry. Johnny R. Johnson, managing director of the New Mexico Trucking Association, is also a member of the Consumer Energy Alliance and deals with that issue on a daily basis.
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KWGS-FM (Public Radio Tulsa): News Radio * Natalie Joubert Interview 
Tulsa, Oklahoma’s National Public Radio station runs story on low gas prices in the metro area and across the nation, interviewing Natalie Joubert regarding the trend and when she believes it may change.
Natural Gas Now: Energy Day in Houston, Education in Pennsylvania *CEA Mention
A trip to Houston to participate in “Energy Day” fills attendees with ideas for building a foundation for expanded energy education in Pennsylvania.
New York Times: Economists See Limited Gains in GOP Plan
Anticipating a takeover of Congress, Republicans have assembled an economic agenda that reflects their small-government, antiregulation philosophy, but also suggests internal divisions that could hinder a united front against President Obama — much as happened in the 1990s, when a Republican-led Congress confronted President Bill Clinton. The proposals would mainly benefit energy industries, reduce taxes and regulations for businesses generally, and continue the attack on the Affordable Care Act. It is a mix that leaves many economists, including several conservatives, underwhelmed.
Investor’s Business Daily: If GOP Wins Congress, What Are Its 2015 Priorities?
There is no Republican Contract with America in 2014 or plan for the first 100 days if the party can regain control of Congress. For the most part, the GOP has been content to turn the battle for the Senate into a referendum on President Obama, while Democratic candidates have tried their best to distance themselves from the White House
Great Falls Tribune: There's hope: Just 11 days 'til Election Day
Congressional debates are done, and it’s only 11 days until the Nov. 4 general election in Montana. But it makes for a strange election when ballots go out nearly a month before Election Day. Is this really the best way to run an election?
One News Now: On campaign trail, can Keystone controversy at least get lip service?
The Keystone XL pipeline is not seen as having an impact on this year's mid-term elections, and depending on the people you ask, that's okay.
Fuel Fix: Oil producers unite to lobby for crude exports
The nation’s largest independent oil companies are banding together to lobby for the right to export crude around the world.
Bloomberg: U.S. Oil Seen as Buffer for Global Prices and Supply
U.S. oil output is buffering global crude prices and critical to the world’s supply balance amid the threat of disruptions, even as a ban on domestic exports remains in place, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said.
Washington Times: Shale booming despite liberal protestations
The U.S. oil and gas industry is thriving despite efforts by the Obama administration and liberal environmental groups to undermine fossil fuel development and production, according to a Senate report released Thursday.
The Hil More shale oil means lower gasoline prices
Naysayers said it was almost impossible to produce enough U.S. oil to significantly lower gasoline prices. But surging oil production from the shale oil formations of Texas, North Dakota and now Ohio have put that argument to bed.
Wall Street Journal: The Oil Price Swoon Won’t Stop the Shale Boom
With oil prices sliding, energy investors are worried, while Saudi Arabia and Russia no doubt hope, that low prices will cap America’s boom in shale-oil production. Green-energy types sit by, happy to see turmoil in the fossil-fuel sector. True enough, sellers of any product prefer high prices to low; but the current slump sets the stage for what I call America’s shale boom 2.0.
Daily Caller: Report Details How WH, Enviros Conspiring to Stop Energy Boom
President Obama has long been touting the U.S. oil and natural gas boom as the product of his administration’s “all of the above” energy plan. But a new report from Senate Republicans claims the White House supports oil and gas drilling publicly while partnering behind the scenes with eco-activists to regulate it out of existence.
Washington Post: Gas prices are tumbling, that’s not necessarily a good thing
This growth in U.S. tight oil — a light crude that is trapped in dense, hard-to-reach rock — has come on fast. It only really got going around 2008, launched by advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking — the same technology that created the shale gas boom.
Reuters: California getting more Bakken crude by barge than rail
Shipments of Bakken crude oil from North Dakota to California by barge have quietly overtaken those by train for the first time, showing how the state's isolated refiners are using any means necessary to tap into the nation's shale oil boom.
Bloomberg: U.S. Energy Exports to Top Imports by 2025, WoodMac Says
U.S. companies will export more energy than they import by 2025 as shale oil and gas production keeps climbing and the transportation sector becomes more efficient, Wood Mackenzie Ltd. said in a note today.
The Washington Times: Fracking industry booming despite liberal protestations
The U.S. oil and gas industry is thriving despite efforts by the Obama administration and liberal environmental groups to undermine fossil fuel development and production, according to a Senate report released Thursday.
National Review Online: Not Just a Fracking Ban
Under the guise of an anti-fracking initiative, environmental groups in two California counties have sneaked into a ballot measure language that would impose sweeping restrictions on the entire energy sector, banning even conventional oil- and gas-production methods that do not involve fracking and have been safely used for decades.
Wall Street Journal: The ‘Colorado Model’ Goes Thud
Mr. Udall ran as an independent yet says he’d vote for ObamaCare again. He claims to be a “best of the above” energy guy, but he refused to endorse the popular Keystone XL pipeline and only belatedly came out against anti-fracking ballot initiatives that have crippled a new mainstay of the Colorado economy.
Boulder Weekly: Is the way the State handles oil & gas complaints criminal?
Among the pieces of information she was given, she says, was that all of the ingredients for fracking fluid can be found in a grocery store, which, given ammonia and rat poison can be found at the grocery store, she calls a ridiculous argument.
ABC Denver: Hickenlooper, Beauprez trade barbs in gubernatorial debate
After a late arrival on-stage for Governor Hickenlooper, both men shook hands and began with the topic of fracking and related ballot initiatives that were killed this past summer.
Innovation Trail: Cuomo says fracking study will be out by year's end
During Wednesday’s only gubernatorial debate, Governor Cuomo said that the long awaited health review on potential dangers of hydrofracking will be completed by the end of the year.
Pittsburgh Business Times: Corbett signs bill requiring House, Senate OKs on carbon emissions plan
Gov. Tom Corbett has signed into law a bill requiring both the state House and Senate approve Pennsylvania's forthcoming plan for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Tribune Review: Penn Twp. board OKs HF regulations
Under new regulations that now are in effect in Penn Township, Marcellus shale drilling rigs and fracking ponds are banned from residential and commercial areas — but companies are allowed to conduct horizontal drilling across almost all of the township.
Meadville Tribune: Shale key issue in race for governor
Drillers seriously started fracking in Pennsylvania seven years ago, launching a swell in natural gas production that also tapped new sources of cash for the state.
WV Gazette: Marcellus jobs report needs work, state researcher says
A legislatively mandated survey meant to measure whether West Virginia residents are getting the jobs created by the Marcellus Shale natural gas boom needs a lot of work if it’s going to give a solid answer on the issue, according to the state researcher who does the study.
Bloomberg BNA: Opponents Plan to File Lawsuits If Texas City Passes Measure to Ban Fracking
The residents of Denton, Texas, will vote on a ballot measure Nov. 4 that would ban hydraulic fracturing within the city limits, but the debate on the oil and gas drilling practice probably won't end on election night.
Dallas Morning News: Hydraulic fracturing as technological game changer?
When combined with the technique of drilling wells horizontally – not vertically – fracking as it is known has revolutionized the U.S. oil and gas sector. But does it count as a technological breakthrough on the order of the microchip or the refrigerator?
Alaska Dispatch News: Begich, Sullivan spar over natural resources in US Senate debate
Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and Republican opponent Dan Sullivan took their typical campaign themes to a new venue on Thursday, as the two squared off at a natural resources-focused debate sponsored by groups representing the mining, timber and oil industries, among others.
Politico Pro: EPA Asks Court to Toss Murry Lawsuit Over Climate Regs
EPA has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to toss a case over its proposed greenhouse gas rule for existing power plants, arguing that the rule won't be ripe for judicial review until the final regulation is issued next year. EPA is taking public comment on every issue that coal company Murray Energy raised in the case and hasn't yet had an opportunity to respond, the agency wrote. If the court reviewed the rule now, it would deprive others the opportunity to weigh in on the rule, EPA said. The agency also pointed to two recent court decisions to dismiss cases brought against EPA's proposed greenhouse gas rule for new power plants.
Georgetown University: EPA Head Gina McCarthy to Speak at Georgetown Friday
Administrator Gina McCarthy will speak on the future of energy and the environment at Georgetown’s 2014 LEAD Conference Oct. 24.


19 October 2014 12:23pm

Anti-Fossil Fuel Demonstration a Bust... Due to Lack of Fossil Fuel Power

Parnell, Walker continue to trade blows over Fairbanks' high energy prices.  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.
Sean Parnell's campaign fired back at independent gubernatorial candidate Bill ... 30 years to deliver on a natural gas pipeline and has utterly failed,” Wright said. ... If he'd taken action, Fairbanks might have been getting gas today.”.


12 October 2014 12:11pm

Governor Sean Parnell, Gas Pipeline, Sb 138, SB 21, AGIA, Dave Harbour photoIn an Alaska Dispatch interview, Governor Sean Parnell (NGP Photo) said, "With the passage of SB 138 earlier this year, we are taking steps toward construction of a natural gas pipeline.

"Federal applications have been submitted, and my administration is now working with potential buyers in Japan. My administration continues to identify various financing mechanisms for the state's portion of this project; thanks to our solid credit rating, we have options."  Read more here.



27 April 2014 2:58pm

Sean Parnell, Alaska governor, gas pipeline, LNG, Photo by Dave HarbourADN OpEd, by Governor Sean Parnell (NGP Photo).  For too long, Alaskans' dream of a natural gas pipeline has been just that -- a dream.

That changed last week with the groundbreaking passage of Senate Bill 138. For the first time in Alaska's history, we have alignment of all necessary parties for a project, authorization from the Legislature to proceed into the early engineering and design phase and a clear path forward on a gas line, the Alaska LNG Project.


1-28-14 State of The Union Is Threatened From Within

28 January 2014 9:11am

As our faithful readers prepare for tonight's State of the Union Speech, we also await rationale justifying the continuing overreaching jurisdiction of the White House.  Please review our editorial written two years ago.  We briefed readers on a big change: this president was altering the authority to take over the economy.  Former administrations planned to exercise broad economic powers only in the face of a national emergency.  The current White House added a provision enabling it to take dictatorial powers in 'peacetime' as well.  Perhaps a reading of our Executive Order analysis in combination with a hearing of tonight's speech will keep us all up to speed.  -dh

Globe and Mail: On Validea.ca, investors can analyze 1,000 Canadian stocks through 12 different guru-based models and get individual reports on each company. Globe Investor has a distribution agreement with Validea.ca. Try it.

Gavel/APRN by Alexandra Gutierrez.  It took Gov. Sean Parnell three years to get his oil tax overhaul through the Legislature. Now, the goal is to pass a bill setting the terms for a massive natural gas pipeline in 90 days. Hearings on Sean Parnell, gas pipeline lng bill, agia, alaska gas, photo by Dave Harbourthe project started today, and a half dozen more are scheduled through this week alone.

The gasline bill that Gov. Sean Parnell (NGP Photo) produced Friday is long and detailed. So detailed in fact that the title alone takes up two pages.

The bill is slated to be heard in the resource and finance committees in both chambers, as well as the House Labor & Commerce Committee.

Watch the committee meeting:

See the original article

Lawmakers begin review of gasline project

Our dearly departed friend, Mark Singletary.

Marcus K. "Mark" Singletary

1929 - 2014 | Obituary | Condolences

Marcus K. Singletary, who loved adventure, learning experiences and new interesting locations, has made the greatest and glorious journey to join loved ones who have preceded him. Mark passed away at home in Granbury on Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, after a brief illness of cancer. Memorial service: After interment in Austin, Mark's life will be celebrated with a service at 2 p.m. Thursday at First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth with the Rev. Lamar Smith officiating. Memorials: For those wishing to remember Mark and in lieu of flowers, memorials may benefit The Herbert F. and Vivian Singletary Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Law in care of the University of Texas Law School Foundation, 727 E. Dean Keeton St., Austin, Texas 78705; the Salvation Army in any city of choice; the Hamilton General Hospital Healthcare Foundation, Box 788, Hamilton, Texas 76531; or a charity of choice . Hook 'Em Horns! Born to Vivian and Herbert Singletary in Henderson on March 30, 1929, Mark graduated from South Park High School in Beaumont, Texas, attended Lamar University in Beaumont and received a bachelor of business administration from the University of Texas at Austin. Upon an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force, Mark entered the University of Texas School of Law from which he received his LLB (now doctorate of jurisprudence) in 1956, at which time he became associated with the former law firm of Tilley, Hyder and Law in Fort Worth. In February 1957, Mark and Shirley Tompkins were married at University Methodist Church in Austin. Interested in pursuing a career in energy and corporate law, Mark joined Honolulu Oil Co. in Midland in 1959. When Honolulu was sold, Mark chose to return to Fort Worth with Sinclair Oil and Gas Co. for which he continued to work in Tulsa, Okla., and New York. Shortly after Atlantic Richfield Co. purchased Sinclair and during the period energy companies were striving to obtain permission to construct the Trans-Alaska pipeline, Mark assumed the position of division attorney and lobbyist for ARCO in Anchorage and later held legal and governmental affairs management positions with ARCO in Denver, Colo., and Dallas. He was a member of the Texas, Oklahoma, New York and Alaska Bar associations. Mark volunteered his time to various community and civic organizations, including the Salvation Army which he served on its advisory committee in Anchorage, Denver and Austin. After retiring from ARCO, Mark and Shirley moved to Lakeway, where Mark cheered long and hard for the Texas Longhorns at football games, enjoyed playing golf, reading and traveling. After a few years, there was need for a new experience in his life and he began ranching on a small ranch near Hamilton, raising "pasture art longhorns." Mark and Shirley moved from Lakeway to Hamilton and resided there for several years before moving to Granbury. Mark was preceded in death by his parents, Vivian and Herbert Singletary; brother, Jerry Singletary; brother-in-law, Paul Brown; other relatives; and good friends. Survivors: His wife of 57 years, Shirley, son, Dan Sumner Singletary; son, Clay Stuart Singletary; grandchildren, Samantha Joy Singletary and Austin Marcus Singletary; sister, Jane Brown; brother, Don Herbert "Tony" Singletary and wife, Raynell; and sister-in-law, Mary Lynn Singletary. Many loving nieces and nephews, their families and all of Mark's good friends will miss him.

Published in Star-Telegram on Jan. 28, 2014

- See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dfw/obituary.aspx?n=marcus-k-singletary-mark&pid=169362879#sthash.73w7gtbR.dpuf

Read more here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dfw/obituary.aspx?n=marcus-k-singletary-mark&pid=169362879#storylink=cpy



26 January 2014 6:12am

CBC News.  TransCanada investigating cause of pipeline blast.

Parnell's LNG project challenged by rival Walker and some ...Anchorage Daily News - Sean Parnell's newest proposal for bringing Alaska's North Slope natural gas to commercial markets finds a biting .... Sarah Palin's gas line legislation, ExxonMobil's Marty Massey testified "we are willing to take geologic risks, we are ...

Point of personal privilege: ADN, Now in its 25th season of Nancy Harbour, ACPA, PAC, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Portrait by Dave Harbourhosting concerts, plays, musicals and other spectaculars in its three main halls, the PAC has undergone regular renovation and repair over the years, most famously a $5 million roofing job needed to fix leaks in 2005. No one likes seeing a play with water dripping over their heads.

Likewise, no one wants to hear a concert accompanied by the hum of fans or other equipment. Everyone expects bathrooms to work. The seats mustn't wiggle and the air should be neither too hot nor too cold, nor should it smell funny. The house lights should go down when the stage lights go up. Set changes, curtain action and such should go so smoothly that you don't notice them. What patrons are paying for is to notice nothing, in fact, except the musician, actor, dancer or singer they've paid to see -- in as much comfort as can be reasonably expected.

To make that happen requires an efficiently operating infrastructure that few ever see. The ACPA occupies a city block, stands 200 feet tall and extends more than two storeys under the ground. Perhaps two-thirds of its space -- backstage, mechanical, storage, dressing rooms -- is out of view from the public areas.

"It's a very complicated and interesting building," said ACPA President Nancy Harbour (NGP Photo) as she took a reporter on a behind-the-scenes tour this month.

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2014/01/24/3290331/after-25-years-alaska-center-for.html#storylink=cpy


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