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4-14-13 - Who Elects Politicians Who Could Be So Destructive of Domestic Energy Production?

Anti fossil fuel activists are stopping or slowing projects in Alaska, too.  Luckily, a majority of Legislators and the Governor still support a robust investment climate.  Today, the Legislature agreed with the Governor on oil tax reform, passing Senate Bill 21.   Yesterday, the Legislature passed gas pipeline legislation -dh

Increasingly, a majority of U.S. citizens are electing 'popular' politicians who oppose job-creating, economy-sustaining domestic energy projects dealing with pipelines, oil, gas, coal and refineries.  

Below, we see videos of 'low information voters'.  This may explain why so many politicians are elected who are either ignorant of energy economics or who are consciously seeking to weaken the country's energy strength.  View the following and lament the policies that have created within our population a majority of 'willing idiots' who outvote their 'critical thinking' neighbors.  More here.