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Fairbanks Consumers Beware of Natural Gas Cost Decisions

Notes From The Road: Los Angeles

We see many old friends and energy leaders at the meetings we attend with the Interstate Oil and Dave Harbour by Gaeton Caron, Los Angeles, Carmageddon, NARUC, Aubrey McClendon, Greg Boyce, Paul Wenger, commissioner emeritus, fng, fairbanks natural gasGas Compact Commission (IOCC) and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).  Earlier this summer we were with IOGCC in Bismarck, during the "Great 2011 Flood".  This week with NARUC in Los Angeles with "Carmageddon" erroneously predicted, and will hear from Paul Wenger, President of the California Farm Bureau Federation and from Aubrey McClendon, Chairman and CEO of Chesapeake Energy Company and Greg Boyce, Chairman and CEO of Peabody Energy Company. We also encountered representatives of Canada's and Mexico's regulatory agencies along with FERC representatives and Larry Persily, Federal Coordinator of the Alaska gas pipeline project.  We will have more for readers on the NARUC meeting tomorrow.  By the way...the great traffic snarl predicted over the weekend did not come to pass since most drivers stayed home out of fear of becoming ensnarled in traffic.  -dh 

Commentary by DH (Reference PNA): We believe the comment we earlier provided on the supply of natural gas to Interior Alaska was not as insigntful as a commentary we received from reader, Doug Smith.  Here is his Monday Op-Ed!  -dh