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      This is your public service 1-stop-shop for Alaskan and Canadian Arctic energy commentary, news, history, projects and people. We update it daily for you. It is the most timely and complete northern energy archive anywhere — used by media, academia, government and industry officials throughout the world. Northern Gas Pipelines may be the oldest Alaska blog; we invite readers to name others existing before 2001.  -dh


Gas Pipeline Archives

Dear Reader:
Our archives are extensive.  In the left column you can "search our site" for gas pipeline archives by subject.  This amazingly thorough process will search both the current site beginning in 2009 and our archive site--begun in 2001--with news and other Arctic information from the late 1960s to 2009.  In the lower left column you can link directly with our newer reports from 7-2009 forward.
Feel free to contribute any Northern Gas Pipelines related document or links that you think we should be providing in our public service effort to provide a safe and accessible refuge for such information.
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