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Northern Gas Pipelines is your public service 1-stop-shop for Alaska and Canadian Arctic energy commentary, news, history, projects and people. It is informal and rich with new information, updated daily. Here is the most timely and complete Arctic gas pipeline and northern energy archive available anywhere—used by media, academia, government and industry officials throughout the world. Northern Gas Pipelines may be the oldest Alaska blog; we invite readers to suggest others existing before 2001.  -dh

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    United States (Archives):
    1.  Alaska Support Industry Alliance: Pre-2009 Archives2009 and Future Archives.
    2.  Anchorage Chamber of Commerce:Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.
    3.  Resource Development Council for Alaska:Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.
    4.  World Trade Center - Alaska
    5.  Ziff Energy: Pre-2009 Archives.
    1.  Canadian Institute: Pre-2009 Achives, 2009 and Future Archives.
    2.  Insight: Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.
    3.  Inuvik Petrolem Show: Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.