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      This is your public service 1-stop-shop for Alaskan and Canadian Arctic energy commentary, news, history, projects and people. We update it daily for you. It is the most timely and complete northern energy archive anywhere — used by media, academia, government and industry officials throughout the world. Northern Gas Pipelines may be the oldest Alaska blog; we invite readers to name others existing before 2001.  -dh



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Gas Pipeline Links

1.  Those who formerly or currently link to our Archives web page (Scroll down to Web Links Section)

2.  New links to this web: Arctic Power...and our former ANWR page /Dan Dickinson, CPA

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  1.                 Organizations

    United States (Archives):

    1.  Alaska Support Industry Alliance: Pre-2009 Archives2009 and Future Archives.  (Check out Alaska Headlamp for daily columns)

    2.  Anchorage Chamber of Commerce:Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.

    3.  Resource Development Council for Alaska:Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.

    4.  World Trade Center - Alaska

    5.  Ziff Energy: Pre-2009 Archives.


    1.  Canadian Institute: Pre-2009 Achives, 2009 and Future Archives.

    2.  Insight: Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.

    3.  Inuvik Petrolem Show: Pre-2009 Archives, 2009 and Future Archives.