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12-8-14 Commentary: What Do Ecuador And Alaska Have In Common Besides Incredible Beauty?

08 December 2014 7:57am


What U.S. state is as hooked on oil revenues as Venezuela, Iran, or Russia?

Commentary: What Do Ecuador (Left) and Alaska Have In Common Besides Incredible Beauty?

API's Gerard urges Obama to approve Keystone XL pipeline

The transition for new Gov. Bill Walker is ... unknown to most Alaskans, and what skills he brings in grappling with serious problems we face is equally unknown.

 Reader Steve Borell writes: "The video clips at the site below (and above) document the lies and fabrications of a group that attacked Chevron/Texaco in Ecuador. The case initially resulted in a $17 billion judgment against Chevron/Texaco but has now been overturned. 

"I attended a luncheon at the AEMA conference last week in Reno, featuring the attorney who won the case against Stratus Consulting and the environmental groups....   https://www.youtube.com/user/TexacoEcuador"  

Commentary, (reference): We hope that advocates on both sides of the EPA effort to preemptively stop the Pebble Project in Alaska determine whether the defamed Stratus Consulting and/or its employees are, indeed, some of the "experts" from Ecuador attacking the Pebble project in Alaska.  

This is critically important to the natural resource industries throughout North America.  If a Stratus-supported or non-Stratus supported effort (to have EPA deny the Pebble sponsors their constitutional due process) were ultimately successful, project opponents would cite the 'precedent' from this day forward.  No construction, mining, agricultural, highway, port, commercial fishing, logging, oil and gas or recreational project anywhere would be safe from unconstitutional, governmental, pre-emptive edicts--whether it be private, Native, state or locally sponsored.  

In particular, honest citizens who oppose the Pebble Project should realize that big money forces are seeking to establish a precedent that could and will someday rise up to attack their own hopes, dreams, careers, family plans and subsistence lifestyles.  

Deciding to support the EPA's pre-emptive, non-constitutional action is a much bigger issue than whether one supports or opposes the Pebble Project in particular.  -dh


12-7-14 Pearl Harbor Day

07 December 2014 4:33pm

Marty Rutherford, ACES, AGIA, Sarah Palin, Governor Bill Walker, Photo by Dave HarbourJuneau Empire.   New Gov. Bill Walker took office Monday and ordered immediate changes in top echelons of state government, including bringing back several members of former Gov. Sarah Palin’s oil and gas team.  They include Marty Rutherford (NGP Photo), one of the architects of Palin’s failed Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, or AGIA, as acting Department of Natural Resources commissioner. She’ll eventually become the permanent deputy commissioner, a position Rutherford held under Palin.
MEEK: Pipeline paralysis, vacuum of environmental leadership
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice does have a vision of Canada's future, one he ... prize — shale gas — unless some company somewhere builds a pipeline or two. ... Premier Prentice seems to recognize this, and promises action on the ...
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Discussion on Energy East pipeline proposal 'good news:' Saskatchewan premier
But after meeting Prentice in her office, Wynne said her concerns were limited to greenhouse gas emissions from the pipeline project itself — not from ...


06 December 2014 10:21am

Gov. Chris Christie says Keystone pipeline scrutiny has "gone way overboard"
James Wood, Calgary Herald More from James Wood, Calgary Herald ... In a joint news conference in Calgary with Premier Jim Prentice, Christie said the ... s $8-billion proposed pipeline — intended to link Alberta's oilsands to ... Are we still the preferred supplier of oil and natural gas to this marketplace ...

12-5-14 Governor Christy Meets Premier Prentice in Calgary

05 December 2014 8:43am

Tim Bradner, ASAP, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, 36 inch, NEPA, Fauske, state ownershiip, Photo by Dave HarbourAlaska Journal of Commerce by Tim Bradner (NGP Photo).  Even as the state administration changes in Juneau, work is continuing on the state’s backup “Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline,” or ASAP, a plan for a 36-inch natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to Southcentral Alaska.

Last Night: We addressed the Institute for Supply Management (Alaska Affiliate) with this sober message....

New: Petroleum News Bakken - Petroleum News Alaska

Canadian Press/CBC News.  A high-profile U.S. politician visited Calgary today to talk about energy and pipelines.

News Saskatoon.  Ontario's concerns about the potential environmental impact of the pipeline narrowed considerably Wednesday following a meeting between Premier Kathleen Wynne and Alberta counterpart Jim Prentice.
Calgary Herald by Dan Healing.  Canada’s nascent LNG export industry was rocked Wednesday with news that a final investment decision on the leading $36-billion project led by Petronas would be delayed past its year-end schedule.​

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie met with Alberta Premier Jim Prentice before giving a speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

He moves on to Ottawa Friday for a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


Gov. Chris Christie, right, is presented with a gift of Alberta beer by Premier Jim Prentice during a meeting in Calgary Thursday. (Larry MacDougal/Canadian Press)

Christie's visit is expected to focus on North American energy production, including theKeystone XL pipeline, a project of which he is a strong backer.  

Institute for Supply Management Speech - December 4, 2014 (We will have this text on Monday....)


12-4-14 Progress For Canada's Energy East Pipeline - Costliest Regulation In U.S. History!

04 December 2014 7:54am

Stop The Costliest regulation In America's History: HAPPENING NOW!   Here is CEA's position.  -dh

"Energy East Pipeline is Good For All of Canada."  Editorial BoardCalgary Herald

CBC News.  Ontario's concerns about the proposed Energy East pipeline narrowed considerably following a meeting today between Premiers Kathleen Wynne and Jim Prentice of Alberta.

Ontario and Quebec set out seven principles for the $12-billion pipeline project, which would carry western crude to refineries in eastern Canada, the most notable relating to the potential impact on the environment.

Bipartisan Agreement on Public Lands Bills Balances Job Creation, Conservation, Energy & Mineral Production, Public Access & Recreation, and Support for National Parks 

Doc Hastings, US Congress, Energy, Natural Resources, NDAA, National Parks, Job Creation, energy and mineral production, Dave Harbour PhotoBipartisan agreement has been reached on the natural resources provisions that will be included within this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The House-Senate agreement supports American job creation and economic growth through a balanced approach to improve the management of our public lands and natural resources while protecting treasured areas.

Lisa Murkowski, NDAA, U.S. Senate, Energy and Resources, Dave Harbour PhotoU.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo) this week announced a bipartisan and bicameral agreement to advance a package of lands bills focused on expanding economic opportunities in Alaska and other Western states and will be included within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

“I am pleased that after weeks of negotiations, we have reached a bipartisan and bicameral agreement to advance this series of public lands bills,” Murkowski said. “We have worked hard to develop a balanced package that will increase resource production and provide new economic opportunities for western communities.”

For multiple Congresses, the NDAA has included provisions within the jurisdiction of the House Natural Resources Committee and the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee.  This year’s provisions are included in Title 30 of NDAA, with the multiple sections reflecting individual bills, each of which has been subject to public review in the House or Senate, and the majority have already passed the House or Senate.

The bills in the agreement will create thousands of American jobs, cut red-tape to energy production on federal lands, boost American mineral production, protect multiple-use and public recreation on federal lands, convey over 100,000 acres of federal land for job-creating economic and community development, protect treasured lands through the measured establishment of locally-supported parks and wilderness areas, and provide new means to enhance private dollars to support America’s National Parks.

“As it has traditionally done, this year’s annual national defense bill contains natural resources provisions that are the result of a bipartisan agreement.  Of great importance to the House is the inclusion of long-standing priorities and House-passed bills that have languished in the Senate.  The agreement offers a balanced approach to public lands management, providing opportunities for new job creation and energy and mineral production, while simultaneously protecting special areas,” said House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (NGP Photo). 

Key highlights include:

Expanding American Energy & Mineral Production

  • Boosts new oil and natural gas production on federal lands by reducing permit delays, providing regulatory certainty to American job creators, preventing the Obama Administration from increasing costs, and extending a successful pilot program that helps the Bureau of Land Management deal with a backlog of drilling permit applications. 
  • Responsibly facilitates several proposed mineral development projects, which includes allowing for opening up the third largest undeveloped copper resource in the world – supporting nearly 3,700 American jobs, creating $61.4 billion in total economic impact, generating nearly $20 billion in federal, state, county and local tax revenue, and producing enough copper to meet 25 percent of current U.S. demand. 

Protecting Jobs and Multiple-Use of Federal Lands

  • Reduces grazing permit backlogs and adds needed certainty to America’s ranching community. 
  • Updates fee structure to provide predictable, fair rates so families are not forced to tear down cabins they own in national forests. 

Balancing Conservation Designations with Federal Land Conveyances

  • Provides for over 110,000 acres of land to be conveyed out of federal ownership – to be utilized for economic development (including mineral production, timber production, infrastructure projects) and community development (ie, local cemetery, shooting range).
  • Supports America’s National Parks by providing new means of enhancing private funding (through donor recognition and the issuance of a commemorative coin to recognize the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016) and by designating a select number of new park units that have strong local support.
  • Designates approximately 245,000 acres of wilderness in specific areas with strong local and Congressional support.  Nearly half of those acres are already managed as if it were wilderness due to its current status as a roadless or wilderness study area.
  • Releases 26,000 acres of current wilderness study areas to multiple use.
  • Protects private property owners by ensuring that no private property can be condemned. 

12-3-14 Alaska's New Governor Takes Charge

03 December 2014 10:22am

Our Comment: Yesterday, we reported on Monday night's federal hearing on Alaska OCS lease sale 193.  It is a classic example of death by a thousand cuts, delay and attempted defeat of a national interest energy project that would benefit Alaska and the nation.  The extreme environmental lobbies that raise funds based on the latest 'crisis' are also at work in Canada.  In this CBC report, "Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has a theory why Canada's pipeline projects are becoming something of an endangered species. ... 'No pipelines are being built, no pipelines are being approved because the goal posts keep changing, and this argument apparently can't be made to the satisfaction of those who simply … aren't comfortable with the development of oil, period.'"  Sound familiar?   -dh

New Alaska Governor and Administration, by Katie Bender, Alaskanomics

Alaska Journal of Commerce re: how Walker is reconstituting the Palin administration team.

Bill Walker, Alaska Governor, Transition, Katie Bender, Alaskanomics, Northrim Bank, Photo by Dave HarbourMonday saw a changing of the guard in Juneau and ushered in the Walker/Mallot era in Alaska. The past few weeks have been very busy for Governor Bill Walker (NGP Photo) and his transition team. With the election not certified until weeks after the election, there was very little time for an official transition to take place. The Governor must submit a budget by December 15, 2014. This budget will really be an outline and will essentially be from Parnell’s team. Governor Walker has until January 20, 2015, when the legislative session begins to shape the budget with his own ideas.

The new Governor will have a lot to consider with oil prices hovering around $80 per barrel, well below the 2015 budget estimates. Will the industry be able to keep the current momentum of growth even with the low oil prices? The Governor must also keep the gas pipeline project on track and make sure that the major producers are continuing to invest in future development. The leaders of the major producers assured Alaskans that investment is still on track during last month’s RDC conference. Governor Walker also assured the conference that he was ready to continue working on the Alaska LNG project and make sure that it moved forward in a timely manner.

The Governor has been announcing staff and department heads during the past week. There will be more announcements as the Governor and his team prepare for the upcoming legislative session and assume the regular duties of running the state.

  • Chief of Staff- Jim Whitaker
  • Administrative Services Director- Guy Bell (retained from Parnell administration)
  • Attorney General- Craig Richards
  • Fish and Game Commissioner- Sam Cotten
  • Health and Social Services Commissioner- Valerie Davidson
  • Natural Resources Commissioner- Mark Myers
  • Natural Resources Deputy Commissioner- Marty Rutherford
  • Office of Budget and Management Director- Pat Pitney
  • Public Safety Commissioner- Gary Folger (retained from Parnell administration)
  • Revenue Commissioner- Randy Hoffbeck
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