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03 July 2015 8:21am

Petroleum News.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a letter of authorization, allowing the minor, unintended disturbance of walrus and polar bears during Shell’s planned exploration drilling in the Chukchi Sea this year. Shell has been moving its drilling fleet north in preparation for its drilling progr....



02 July 2015 6:11am

The Settlement Agreement described below is so historical in the annals of American energy that we are preserving the entire content below (with links) in our archives for your future reference.  -dh

Five years on from the Deepwater Horizon accident and spill in 2010, BP has reached agreements in principle to settle all federal and state claims arising from the event.

BP today announced that its US Upstream subsidiary, BP Exploration and Production Inc (BPXP) has executed the agreements with the US federal government and five Gulf Coast states.

The agreement with the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas also includes settlement of claims made by more than 400 local government entities.

The principal payments are as follows:  Read complete release here.

7-1-15 Alaska Governor Reneges On Oil Tax Credit

01 July 2015 12:30pm

Our Commentary

Bill Walker, Alaska, Governor, Alaska Oil Taxes, Tax Credits, Investment Climate, ACES, Photo by Dave HarbourADN by Pat Forgey.   Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (NGP Photo) announced Tuesday that he had signed state operating and capital budgets, approving $9.8 billion in spending sought by the Legislature but vetoing a possible $200 million worth of controversial oil tax credits.      ...

 Alaska Kevin Meyer, Senate President, ConocoPhillips, Oil Taxes, Tax Credits, Investment Climate, ACES, Photo by Dave Harbour"It is apparent the current oil and gas production tax credit system is unsustainable," Walker said in a letter Monday to Senate President Kevin Meyer, (NGP Photo), telling him of the veto. He signed the budgets Monday, but didn't publish the final documents or announce his actions until Tuesday afternoon.     ...

"I'm glad the governor took appropriate action" on the tax credits, said Rep. David Guttenberg, (NGP Photo), a member of the budget-writing House Finance Committee.

By limiting payment of credits, he said, oil companies will share the pain that Alaskans are facing due to budget cuts.   (As if the oil companies weren't already paying the lion's share of state taxes.   -dh)

 AlaskRepresentative David Guttenberg, Alaska State Legislature, House of Representatives, Farbanks, Oil Taxes, Tax Credits, Investment Climate, ACES, Photo by Dave Harbour

"It makes everybody involved in this budget crunch that we're dealing with," he said.   ....     

Our comment:

The Governor and his democrat allies would rather raise taxes and stop/delay agreed-upon credits than make meaningful spending cuts.  We have also seen signs that odd coalitions involving "moderate republicans" could support that effort.  

Alaskan producers (and explorers and refiners) have tried over the past year to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude.  However, they are mindful of Alaska's history with ACES; with retroactive taxation; with anti-oil voters' initiatives; with the governor's vow to not include oil in gas pipeline fiscal certainty policy; with "revenue enhancement" signals for increased oil taxes; and, with this week's credit veto action as they finalize corporate, CY 2016 investment decisions in a low oil price environment.  
It's looking more likely that legislative positions could become solidified much farther in advance of the next legislative session than in previous years.  Government spending supporters will be putting more and more constituent and financial pressure on lawmakers in the coming months. 
Rep. Guttenberg has already sounded the rallying cry (See ADN quote above).


30 June 2015 8:32pm

TransCanada: Alberta's tougher CO2 rules bolster case for Keystone XL
The Calgary-based pipeline builder outlined its rationale in a letter sent Monday ... In May, Ottawa announced it aims to cut Canada's greenhouse gas ...


30 June 2015 8:43am

TransCanada: Alberta's tougher CO2 rules bolster case for Keystone XL
The Calgary-based pipeline builder outlined its rationale in a letter sent Monday ... In May, Ottawa announced it aims to cut Canada's greenhouse gas ...

6-26-15 Murkowski Highlights Importance of Alaska’s Energy Resources

26 June 2015 6:28am

AJOC.  Jason Walsh has been appointed to lead the State Pipeline Coordinator’s Office, effective June 1.

Walsh directs the office tasked with developing and maintaining large-diameter oil and gas pipeline right-of-way leases and lease compliance efforts for multiple pipelines, including the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. 

Murkowski Highlights Importance of Alaska’s Energy Resources

Energy Panel Chairman Calls for Upgrade of Nation’s Energy Policies

Washington, D.C. – In the final video introducing the Republican members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska., calls for an upgrade to our nation’s energy policies in order to make energy abundant, affordable, clean, diverse, and secure.

Click to view video

Murkowski, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, outlines the mission of the committee as twofold – to ensure that our federal resources are developed for the greatest possible benefit to Americans; and to ensure the proper management and maintenance of most of our nation’s nearly 640 million acres of public land. Murkowski calls her home state of Alaska “a great place to start” when looking for ways to develop our nation’s vast energy potential.

“Our energy economy has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. We’re no longer talking about scarcity. Our nation has entered an age of energy abundance. We now talk about exporting oil and natural gas. We are on the verge of being a supplier to the world market,” Murkowski says in the video. “As a senator for Alaska…we have every type of energy that you can think of in remarkable abundance. We even have resources – like methane hydrates – that you may not have even heard of. By finding ways to responsibly develop our vast energy potential, both in Alaska and across the country, we can create jobs, grow our economy, and strengthen our security.”

Sen. Murkowski’s full video statement is available on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee website.

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