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Fairbanks Consumers Beware of Natural Gas Cost Decisions

18 July 2011 5:54am

Notes From The Road: Los Angeles

We see many old friends and energy leaders at the meetings we attend with the Interstate Oil and Dave Harbour by Gaeton Caron, Los Angeles, Carmageddon, NARUC, Aubrey McClendon, Greg Boyce, Paul Wenger, commissioner emeritus, fng, fairbanks natural gasGas Compact Commission (IOCC) and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).  Earlier this summer we were with IOGCC in Bismarck, during the "Great 2011 Flood".  This week with NARUC in Los Angeles with "Carmageddon" erroneously predicted, and will hear from Paul Wenger, President of the California Farm Bureau Federation and from Aubrey McClendon, Chairman and CEO of Chesapeake Energy Company and Greg Boyce, Chairman and CEO of Peabody Energy Company. We also encountered representatives of Canada's and Mexico's regulatory agencies along with FERC representatives and Larry Persily, Federal Coordinator of the Alaska gas pipeline project.  We will have more for readers on the NARUC meeting tomorrow.  By the way...the great traffic snarl predicted over the weekend did not come to pass since most drivers stayed home out of fear of becoming ensnarled in traffic.  -dh 

Commentary by DH (Reference PNA): We believe the comment we earlier provided on the supply of natural gas to Interior Alaska was not as insigntful as a commentary we received from reader, Doug Smith.  Here is his Monday Op-Ed!  -dh


LA Bound....

15 July 2011 1:48am

Comment:  No sooner are we back from the booming state of North Dakota than we head down to Los Angeles for two purposes: Introducing California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners for a Consumer Energy Alliance Luncheon Speech; and, photographing Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.  -dh


Energy Issues Keep Erupting Here

14 July 2011 9:40pm

Comment.  Governor Sean Parnell is understandably concerned about Barak Obama's new executive order directed at Alaska.  The action purports to improve coordination among Federal agencies responsible for permitting energy projects by establishing an, "Interagency Working Group on Coordination of Domestic Energy Development and Permitting in Alaska (Working Group)."  If Obama had any management background, he would know that this effort just creates more opportunity for talk and confusion and delay.  Just one more meeting of over a dozen high level officials and a thousand more telephone calls and emails to deal with--all kept neatly in check by a White House representative of the Council on Environmental Quality and the Interior Department leadership.  Then there are the other EOs this Interagency Task Force must comply with, including the one dealing with ocean policy.  An experienced manager, confronted with lack of cooperation and coordination among those reporting to him would summon them to the oval office and say, "Start coordinating and cooperating and expediting these permits.  Let's cut some fat, eliminate duplication, ban unnecessary delay and get the job done.  Do I make myself clear?"  Besides the fundamental management flaw in Obama's executive order is the legal obfuscation it creates.  Agencies with a bias against free enterprise in general and the oil industry in particular know very well how to react to a non-congressionally created executive order.  In their usual passive-aggressive way, these agency heads will just say, "well, Mr. Interagency Task Force Coordinator (Deputy Secretary of the Interior, whose office has been complicit in establishing and prolonging illegal drilling moratoria), we'd like to cooperate but your presidential authority does not trump the mandates of law and regulation that guide our decision process.  We cannot simply violate statutory and regulatory law because you want to do so.  If you want us to proceed differently, get the law changed or wait for us to promulgate new regulations.  Furthermore, before we sign off on anything we'll need concurrence of our attorneys and other Interagency partners from the Defense Department, the gas pipeline Federal Coordinator, tribal and village stakeholders and many others."  After this new bureaucracy gets through meeting, calling, emailing a laborinth-like organizational chart dominated by dotted and not straight lines, one should be surprised to see any future oil and gas project be approved."

AP by Cris Kahn.  Oil giant ConocoPhillips said Thursday it will split into two companies: one that produces oil and another that refines it into gasoline and other fuels.

ADN Op-Ed by Bill Walker advocating elimination of the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA).

ADN-AP by Becky Bohrer.  Alaska's Democratic senator said Wednesday that the state needs to play hardball to make progress toward building a major natural gas pipeline.  U.S.Sen. Mark Begich told The Associated Press that state leaders should tell TransCanada Corp. that the clock is running and it's time to produce results.


One Federal Comment Period Ends As Others Arise: The Federal-Enviroactivist Strategy To Kill Alaska's Economy Continues

13 July 2011 5:40am

NGP READERS: PLEASE COMMENT.  This coming Friday, July 15, comes the next deadline for comments about an Environmental Assessment regarding Beaufort Sea OCS development.  Then, lock and load for the next wave of regulatory onslaught: the July 25th deadline public comment on Revised Beaufort Sea Exploration Plan (EP) and associated Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (ODPCP).  Please send your comment to the agency, then send us a copy for posting here, where your position becomes Internet searchable.  Here is the brief testimony your author filed today.  -dh

Commentary:  Monday was the deadline for commenting on the BOEMRE's Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Chukchi Sea.  We are proud of NGP readers and citizens in general for commenting.  We know of over 130,000 comments that urged the BOEMRE to expedite its too-long delayed work.  Those comments came in the form of personal letters, comment cards, hearing testimony and electronic submissions.  The categories of comments were, in general, two: those supporting Arctic natural resource development and those opposing it.  Both sides launched sophisticated arguments and both sides expressed general opinions more related to their positions on development than technical comment on the SEIS.  We are very proud of the citizens who turned out to fight the well-organized enviroextremist oppostion.  Virtually all were normal work-a-day Alaskans and Americans who see first hand how the Federal administration is outsourcing American jobs overseas, causing a decrease in domestic production and an increase in foreign energy imports, diminishing national security and devaluing America's currency.  We hope that normal citizens are energized by their success, not wearied by the effort, for in the war being waged on Alaska by the Federal government, defenders cannot let down their guard for a moment lest the attackers break through the barracades and take control.  Here is the complete report on the impressive citizen effort to defend jobs and economic recovery.  Here is another comment we received today from NGP reader Reed Christensen (NGP Photo).  In part, Christensen testified, "Offshore oil and gas development in the Chukchi Sea, as well as the Beaufort Sea, has the potential to help the United States meet its energy demand, create jobs, and grow the economy. Proceeding with Lease Sale 193 is in the best interest of all Americans. There has been ample opportunity for environmental review and public input on Lease Sale 193. Therefore, upon conclusion of this public comment period, I urge BOEMRE to move forward so that Americans can reap the economic and energy security benefits of Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf."

A few minutes ago, a reader sent us the Alaska Miners Association comment by its Executive Director, Steve Borell (NGP Photo), who says in part that, "The United States must responsibly move forward with domestic offshore energy exploration and development to meet our future energy needs.  OCS Lease Sale 193 is a step in the right direction.  We also encourage BOEMRE to include revenue sharing...."

In that spirit, we encourage citizens to rise up and comment on the two new federal comment period initiatives headlined above...remembering that the bureaucrats are establishing a legal record upon which decisions will be based.  -dh


Harbour Testimony: Among the issues you consider should be the economic effect on the United States and on the State of Alaska of approving or denying Arctic OCS exploration and development.  The wording of these requests for comment look suspiciously like another technique this Administration is mobilizing in an effort to stop or stall Arctic exploration on leases for which the lessees paid the government huge sums in good faith.  Please put on your loyal American hat and do an attitude check that leads to responsible and expedited review and approval of Arctic exploration and development on valid, purchased leases.



Consumers Flood Government With Pro-Chukchi OCS Comments - Mackenzie Pipeline Boosted With New Exploration Licenses

12 July 2011 1:42am

Companies commit millions to secure exploration licenses despite concerns over pipeline prospects

Thandiwe Vela
Northern News Services
Published Friday, July 8, 2011

NWT - The recent call for bids on Northwest Territories land parcels has ended with oil and gas companies committing more than $500 million to secure exploration licenses in the Central Mackenzie Valley.  ... "We are pleased with the bidding results," Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Bob McLeod (NGP Photo) said, adding the high value of bids shows the industry's renewed confidence in the NWT oil and gas reserves. "These are some of the best parcels of land in the territory so I can see why there was so much interest."
Canada urgently needs a National Energy Strategy (NES) to secure future oil and natural gas markets and serve as a stepping stone to a North American policy, said Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert (NGP Photo).


Our editorial yesterday was used as an Op-Ed on the International blog, MasterResource, and linked to Energy & Environment News.

See the great cartoon re: gas prices and Alaska, thanks to reader Rocky Dipple.     -dh

Two Items regarding the Federal Government:

1.  Please take time now to comment during the next two, impending public comment periods:   This coming Friday, July 15, comes the next deadline for comments about an Environmental Assessment regarding Beaufort Sea OCS development.  Then, lock and load for the next wave of regulatory onslaught: the July 25th deadline public comment on Revised Beaufort Sea Exploration Plan (EP) and associated Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (ODPCP)

2.  Yesterday completed the BOEMRE's comment period on the Supplemental Impact Statement they have released re: Chuckchi Sea...

  • Robert Dillon alerts us that U.S.Lisa Murkowski by Dave Harbour, Arctic Energy Policy Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), R-Alaska, spoke about the important contribution Alaska’s Arctic could make to the nation’s energy security and economic recovery during a speech Tuesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  The full text of Sen. Murkowski’s speech is attached and video of her speech at CSIS is available at: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15950023. Her comments begin at the 19-minute mark. 
  • WJS.  Will the Obama Administration cut off a nose to spite a face and refuse Canadian oil?
  • California Air Resource Board announced that it is delaying the start of the state's cap and trade program until 2013, a year later than was originally envisioned.
  •  Julie Hasqet today informs us of Senator Mark Begich's (NGP Photo)Senator Mark Begich by Dave Harbour response to President Barak Obama's "Alaska Energy Coordination Executive Order".  “Today’s announcement recognizes the importance of Alaska’s oil and gas to our nation’s economic and energy security, and I appreciate the President’s personal attention to these issues.”  
  • Doc Hastings (NGP Photo) -- no question about it -- is one of our heroes!  In President Obama’s latest State of the Union Address, he proclaimed that in America, “We do big things.” Yet nothing about this administration’s energy policy (or lack thereof) is “big.” Squandering 30 million barrels of strategic oil that is supposed to be reserved for true emergencies isn’t “big.” 

...exploration.  Here is a report on citizen input at the recent BOEMRE hearing.   We have summarized a number of more recent comments (Including one from the U.S. House of Representatives) which we provide below for your current review and for future reference:

  • "Please allow Alaska OCS development to proceed immediately. Domestic development of oil is important. We have to reduce dependence on foreign oil from politically unstable areas around the world."  Kenneth Landon
    Brooklyn, NY.
  • Carl Portman (NGP Carl Portman by Dave Harbour, BOEMREPhoto) writes: "The Resource Development Council (RDC) is writing to urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to affirm Lease Sale 193 as held in 2008. The Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) provides sufficient information and analysis to support a decision affirming the sale.
    OCS oil and gas  development is absolutely critical to Alaska’s future
    economy. With the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System now running at one-third
    capacity, exploration blocked in ANWR, and non-development activists
    working toward Wilderness designations in the National Petroleum Reserve, nothing less than Alaska’s future economy is at stake.
  • Judy Eledge wrote: "On behalf of Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, we would like to express our strong support of oil and gas development in the Chukchi Sea and other areas of Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and to urge the Bureau of Ocean EnergyCongressman Don Young by Dave Harbour, BOEMRE, Chukchi Management, Regulation and  Enforcement (BOEMRE) to finalize the environmental review process and move forward with Lease Sale 193."
  • Congressman Don Young (NGP Photo) and 16 other House Members sent in a positive SEIS Comment on the Chukchi.
  • Tom Falskow writes: "I was reminded every time I walked into the Cancer Center at Providence Health Park that oil and gas industry donations helped to fund that center, along with numerous other companies that are either in the oil & gas sector or receive their revenues as a result of the oil & gas wealth.  Complete letter here
  • Jim Scherieble, General Manager-Alaska for Kenworth Alaska, writes: "The need to allow the development of Alaska’s natural resources has never been greater. It is essential that we cut through the hurdles that impede the progression of our economy. The economic recovery of Alaska and the U.S. can start with allowing the Alaska OCS to proceed quickly. There is no need to support the Middle East oil nations when we have our own resources available."
  • Brent Carlson of Anchorage writes that, "Alaska’s, and the United States, economic future is dependent on reliable and reasonably priced energy.  OCS development in Alaska’s North Slope should be allowed immediately. This is not deepwater drilling like in the Gulf of Mexico and enough studies and permitting has been done. The Trans Alaska Pipeline should be running 2/3 full,… not 2/3 empty."
Many organizations distributed comment cards signed by hundreds of Alaskans which spoke of the statehood compact and concluded: "I urge BOEMRE to affirm Lease Sale 193 and responsibly expedite permit approvals that allow lease tracts to be explored and developed without further delay."  The individuals below added personal, insightful notes to the cards received by BOEMRE (Let us know of spelling, etc. errors.):
  •  Dana Cruz: "Our company had 200+ employees working on North Slope exploration.  We now have 25+.  We need to get exploration going again."
  • Jeevan Pokhard.  "Its the right thing to do."
  •  Nicole St. Amand.  "Alaska and the US need this responsible, offshore exploration and, eventually, development.  Stop the delay."
  • Rocky Dippel (NGO Photo).  "As we approach the 235th "beginning of America" the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence are rolling over in their graves as we forget what they fought against!  Drill for independence."
  • Marcus Oder.  "I believe the SEIS more than adequately addresses any concerns about the original Sale 193 EIS and thus further leasing, exploration and development should be allowed in the Alaska OCS: Chukchi and Beaufort areas."
  • Andy Petro.  "We need access to Alaska's oil both from a national and from a state perspective.  Please support offshore drilling in Alaska."
  • Wayne Wooster.  "Fill the pipeline.  Don't make Alaska a ward of the U.S. government."
  • Steve Pratt.  "Get it done, please!"
  • Claudio Glooschenko.  "I moved to Alaska for opportunity.  Please allow that opportunity to become available."
  • Lucille Petro.  "Don't mess with my future!"
  • Renee Limoge.  Please allow Lease Sale 193 to progress.  We need the domestic energy production!
  • Thomas Lovas.  "Oil production is essential; affirm the sale."
  • John Sturgeon.  "I support jobs for Alaska and Lease Sale 193!"
  • Nancy Hendrix.  "We need responsible development now.  We need to work on self sufficiency."
  • Rachael Petro.  "Please hurry and support American energy sources.  It is done best in the U.S. where we have the environmental conscience and motivation to do it right."
  • John Shively.  "We need to reform the process so there is a single EIS that covers leasing, exploration and development."
  • Phyllis Thompson.  "This will help put more oil in the Alaska pipeline."
  • Michael Jesperson.  "Open up drilling.  We need the jobs and the energy."
  • Keith Silver.  "I lost my job due to the delay in the OCS.  Please affirm to allow others to work."
  • Mary Shields.  "It is past time for the U.S. to start developing its energy resources again.  our dependence on oil from non-friendly nations is inexcusable."
  • Thomas Hendrix.  "OCS is critical to our state and nation for security, energy and our economy."
  • James Udelhoven.  "Private Sector Jobs = Economic Recovery".
  •  Elizabeth Glooschenko.  "I want my children to have a place to call home in Alaska with the same economic opportunities I had."
  • Wendy Lindskoog.  "Oil is our lifeline, even for the Alaska Railroad: the company  I represent.  We need to develop domestic oil!"
  • Aves Thompson.  "Approval of these permits will create jobs."
  • J.P. Tangen.  "If the TAPS cannot be kept full, Alaska will have an 800 mile long candle and Alaskans will have to sell petroleum jelly for a living."
  • Tindra Cardwell.  "This is about my future as an Alaska resident."
  • Peter Macksey.  "Open please."
  • Bob Barndt.  "Our national defense is vital to the security of the nation.  Natural resources are the key to a great national defense.  Please allow us to bring more of our natural resources to market."
  • Nick Karnos.  "We have willing investors, which is the difficult part.  please remove the roadblocks to development."
  • Craig Taylor.  We need more development here for our people."
  • Colleen Baer.  "Please allow our state the opportunity for economic growth and stability."
  • Keith Miles.  "Please get it done."
  • Ethan Schutt.  "The history and current status of Lease Sale 193 and other Alaskan OCS development activity is deplorable.  Do the right thing and approve L.S. 193."
  • Bruce Anders.  "BOEMRE also needs to be pushing for and supporting state revenue sharing for Federal leasing programs."
  • Jess Hinker.  "Please sustain the lifestyle of Alaska families by allowing development here in our state."
  • Jane Henderson.  "Alaska must develop our resources in order to grow and support our people."
  • Geri Crowley.  "We need resource development: oil, gas and other resources."
  • Nathan Baer.  "There have been too many interferences from outside groups.  oil is vital to the economic health of Alaska and the United States."
  • CC Reed.  "Ensure future Alaska generations have a viable economic future."
  • Chris Stuckey.  "I support opening OCS."
  • Walt Sandel.  "I support opening OCS."
  • Dr. James J. Pizzadili.  "Alaska has the highest standards and the cleanest record in the world.  Time to let go of bogus "clean air" rules for the Arctic ocean."
  • Rafael Leborrett.  "Keep pumping the oil."
  • Bill Muldoon.  "Responsible Development = Job Security"
  • Zachary Reigue.  "Keep the pipeline flowing and promote job growth for the good of all Alaskans."
  • Lynda Evans.  "If oil leaves, we won't need to worry about restaurants, four-wheel drive, military, police or fire fighters.  We'll all be gone.  Alaska will become a wilderness that no one can afford to visit."
  • Susan Arcole.  "Our dependence on Arab oil is throwing the US economy into chaos.  We need to develop our own resources.  It is urgent."
  • Don Dwiggins.  "More regulation will turn the U.S. into a third world country!"
  • Mike Thomas.  "Respect our constitutional rights"
  • Dave Krigbaum.  "Soon!!  Please!!  Responsibly!!"
  • John Sturgeon.  "Affirm Lease Sale 193."
  • Dean McVey.  "Shell Oil has held up their end of agreements to the tune of $4 billion.  It is time for the Federal government to hold up its end."
  • Amy Mackey-Hornak.  "Alaska needs to move the economy forward.  This is an instrumental first step."
  • William Bernier.  "It's time to do this."
  • Matthew Mellon.  I represent about 150 direct and indirect employees that would benefit from exploration and development of Lease Sale 193.  They would like to go to work."
  • Michael Ferris.  "Please move this permit forward.  It is extremely important to the Alaska economy."
  • Bob Laule.  "Energy independence is critical for our future."
  • Cheryl Boren Heinze.  "I represent hundreds of people in the Matanuska Valley who have no access to these comment cards...but strongly endorse Lease Sale 193!"
  • Mark Korting.  "This seems to be appropriate."
  • Julie Korting. "I believe it's time to move forward!"
  • Wayne Leighty.  "As a lifelong Alaskan and PhD in resource management/economics, I urge you to move forward this development.  Let's not sacrifice the huge benefits on the alter of fear."
  • John Rogers.  "The USA needs oil and gas produced domestically."
  • Donna Logan.  "To keep Alaska growing and to support our state is an obligation to develop natural resources.  Please support the Chukchi Sea lease sale."
  • Vladimir Katic.  "New oil and gas from Chukchi Sea exploration and development is critical to future operation of TAPS and economic viability of the state of Alaska."
  • Pat Doyle.  "...concerned that any future delay will impact our local economy negatively."
  • Tom Maloney.  "We need to lower unemployment and increase private investment in Alaska and the entire United States."
  • R. J. R.  "Our country needs these oil resources to keep America strong and less reliant on imports."
  • Ken Fuller.  "Without these developments Alaska will become an economic disaster area."
  • Susanne Fairbanks.  "Responsible development must be efficiently and expeditiously pursued.  Thank you."
  • Bill Miernyk.  "Drill."
  • Stanley Foo.  "...developing our domestic natural resources responsibly is critical to our national security and our economic recovery."
  • Ron McCormick.  "Please assure this goes through.  Thank you."
  • Frank Brown.  "The U.S. needs local supplies of energy.  Expedite permit approvals."
  • James Duffield.  "Move forward please!!"
  • Michael Smith.  There is no valid reason to not develop the OCS and a host of reasons to do so."  

For Immediate Release *** July 12, 2011

Contact: Craig Koshkin, (713) 337-8820, ckoshkin@consumerenergyallliance.org


Thousands Call for More Offshore Drilling in Alaska
CEA Delivers More Than 128,000 Public Comments Supporting

Responsible Energy Production in Chukchi Sea


WASHINGTON, DC – The president of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) announced today that well over 100,000 public comments from Alaska and across America have been delivered to the federal government voicing support for responsible oil and gas development in Alaska's Chukchi Sea.


CEA delivered more than 128,000 comments that it collected during a 45-day public comment period to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE), the federal agency that oversees offshore oil and gas leasing. BOEMRE is in the process of finalizing its environmental impact study (EIS) for leasing in the Chukchi Sea, specifically Lease Sale 193.


After delivering the comments, CEA Alaska chapter chairman Jeff Jones said, "Issuing the necessary permits for offshore oil and gas production in Alaska would provide a much-needed boost to the American economy. Alaska’s offshore resources are estimated at about 27 billion barrels of oil, which during peak production could provide the United States with 1.3 million additional barrels per day, all while restoring capacity to the critical Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Developing these vast energy resources would also create more than 54,000 new jobs nationwide and generate nearly $200 billion for federal, state, and local governments."


Jones said that the more than 128,000 comments that CEA delivered yesterday, as well as the thousands of additional comments supporting development, all send a clear message: Americans demand more jobs and more energy security. "Now is the time to move forward with responsible offshore energy production in Alaska, a process that begins with finalizing Lease Sale 193," Jones said.


CEA President David Holt also issued the following statement:


"Moving forward with energy development in offshore Alaska will be a key component of a balanced and sensible energy policy. These 128,000 public comments make clear that Americans are not interested in keeping energy resources under lock and key, and the federal government should move swiftly toward creating an all of the above plan that utilizes all of America’s vast energy resources."


The Chukchi Sea, off Alaska’s northwest coast, offers more oil and gas resources than any other undeveloped U.S. offshore energy basin. According to independent experts, Chukchi may be one of the largest untapped sources of oil and natural gas in the entire world.


In May, BOEMRE released its Revised Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for Chukchi Sea Lease Sale 193. By law, the agency had to allow 45 days for public comments on the SEIS, a period that ended yesterday, July 11, 2011.




Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, comprised of more than 160 affiliate members, including energy consumers and producers, and tens of thousands of consumer advocates, that supports the thoughtful utilization of energy resources to help ensure improved domestic and global energy security, stable prices for consumers and balanced energy policy for America.













 I was in attendance at the Alaska Governor’s rally in Anchorage in March of this year.  Governor Parnell spoke not only to the need for our State of Alaska to start being more receptive to further oil and gas development at the State level, but also the fact that the Federal government holds many of the keys to the future of our nation’s economy through projects that have yet to receive public approval or backing. 

The Chukchi is but one of several projects vital to this nation.  Without such projects, we can be assured that the State of Alaska will cease to continue providing both needed energy for our nation as well as great jobs for Americans that fuel our economy. 
I am in full support of allowing Alaska OCS development to proceed quickly.  My family has now lived in Alaska for the past 11 years.  I work in the oil and gas industry, so you could assume that my position is a bit biased on the subject, but then I see what tremendous impact this industry has on our State and the well-being of our citizens and I cannot stand by and watch that fade away into a sad and slow decline of all that we have accomplished for our nation.  Being on the inside of this industry allows me to understand that within the next decade we will cease to have an oil and gas industry in the State of Alaska without further new oil and gas developments in the works.
On a more personal note, I had a major medical event in my life this past year that has required consultation with specialists and lots of follow-up care.  Being from originally from Seattle, I assumed that I would need to get on the airplane and travel down to Seattle for much of my treatment at their wonderful medical facilities.  This would have created lots of strain on our family as well as incurred lots of further cost to travel and spend time away from my family.  To my great fortune, we had all of the specialists and advanced technologies for my condition available here in Alaska!  I can guarantee you that this would not be the case if we did not have a vibrant and robust economy founded on our oil and gas resources.  Without this economy and the direct and indirect funding it provides to our citizenry, I most assuredly would have been on an airplane to Seattle.  I was reminded every time I walked into the Cancer Center at Providence Health Park that oil and gas industry donations helped to fund that center, along with numerous other companies that are either in the oil & gas sector or receive their revenues as a result of the oil & gas wealth.  Having oil and gas employees like myself, further allows some of the specialist doctors to move here from places all over the USA because of the medical insurance benefits that companies such as mine cover – allowing us to have better care providers right here at home and creating great jobs for that sector of the economy!
This story is a but one example of what we have created in terms of great jobs, both directly in the oil and gas industry and in other fields in our community as a result of the vibrant economy we currently enjoy.  Turning off the oil and gas spigot will certainly bring this nation’s economy further on its knees and will lead to loss of further jobs in the State of Alaska as well as to the nation at large.  We can develop Alaska OCS responsibly – just look at Norway and the United Kingdom where such offshore development has been ongoing since the 1960’s. 
Let’s give our nation a  shot the in the arm that it needs to get back on the top of the economy and energy needs and that will generating jobs for our next generation!  (Tom Falskow)






The Battle Continues And We Cannot Grow Weary

11 July 2011 7:58am

The Battle Continues And We Cannot Grow Weary

El Paso's Ruby Enriches Nevada

Alberta Tory leadership candidate Gary Mar, wants to bog down Canada's natural resources prosperity with environmental obstruction.   -dh

New gas pipeline for Kenai Peninsula?


Today's top PriorityToday is the deadline for Chukchi SEIS Comment.  Here is how to comment.  Then send us your comment to post here, tomorrow.  It can be as simple as: "Please allow Alaska OCS development to proceed quickly; domestic energy is essential to America's economic recovery."  Note: since today is the deadline, either deliver it to the office address below, or postmark it TODAY: 

Regional Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement
Alaska OCS Region
3801 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 500
Anchorage, Alaska 99503–5820

Next Top Priorities:  This coming Friday, July 15, comes the next deadline for comments about an Environmental Assessment regarding Beaufort Sea OCS development.  Then, lock and load for the next wave of regulatory onslaught: the July 25th deadline public comment on Revised Beaufort Sea Exploration Plan (EP) and associated Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (ODPCP).  THESE IMPERIALISTIC FEDERAL AGENCIES WANT AMERICAN CITIZENS TO GIVE UP AND NOT TAKE THE TIME TO FIGHT BACK WITH COMMENTS.  DON'T GIVE IN.  NEVER GIVE UP!

The Battle Continues But We Cannot Grow Weary


Dave Harbour

It is indisputable that for the last 2.5 years the Federal government has undertaken a campaign of economic genocide against Alaska.  

The Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is 2/3 empty and declining while billions of barrels of oil lie untapped on federal lands nearby, causing America to import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of oil and while exporting tens of thousands of American jobs to foreign jurisdictions.  The Obama Administration will have killed Alaska's economy and thwarted America's economic recovery if TAPS ceases operation for lack of readily available but off-limits federal oil.

Normal Americans throughout Alaska and the entire country have responded again and again to repeated salvos of regulatory ordinance calculated to descimate Alaska's if not the entire country's economy.  It appears to be a conscious attempt to bring chaos, unemployment and poverty to a great nation and the state with resources that could be resurrecting the entire US economy.

The attacks are well coordinated offenses led by federal agencies, accompanied by the happy warriors of the extreme environmental and social left.  Every week or two we hear of a new 'opportunity to comment' on a new initiative that could pound another nail into a gasping economy.  We have "commented" so many times that our fellow citizens are now saying, "Geeze, I don't have time to do this every week; they're wearing me down."

For over two years we have exposed this 'death by a thousand cuts' to America's economy, the cumulative effect on a great nation of continuous barrages of regulatory schrapnel that are descimating natural resource industries and hundreds of thousands of current and potential jobs: delaying and outright blocking projects.  The delays and blocking of projects often violate established 'due process' causing 'harmed' states or companies to sue for relief -- years away and too late if it comes at all.  

Examples of the federal onslaught include:

  • restricting human activity in newly deemed "Critical Habitats" for polar bears, beluga whales and steller sea lions whose populations are increasing, not decreasing.
  • using a presidential Executive Order to "zone the oceans" around America, further restricting multiple use and increasing consumer prices -- all without Congressional support.
  • using memoranda of understanding between federal bureaus to stop legal projects, an end run around regulations and the Congress, stopping critical bridge projects among others.
  • using agency planning processees to potentially block petroleum development in America's National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and deprive the country of oil in a small, congressionally approved corner of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
  • using the EPA to delay or stop Alaska OCS development on leases sold by the federal government years ago to companies trying to supply America with billions of barrels of oil that could reduce foreign dependence and gasoline prices while injecting scores of thousands of jobs into the economy over a 50 year period.
  • Secretary Ken Salazar (NGP Photo-R) applied deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration moratoria to Alaska's shallow waters withoutKen Salazar by Dave Harbour, OCS, Alaska Chukchi, Beaufort, BOEMRE, DOI Federal Register or other public notice, without notifying Michael Bromwich by Dave Harbour, BOEMRE, OCS, Alaska OCS, Beaufort, ChukchiAlaska's Congressional Delegation or Governor or lessees who paid over $2 billion in good faith to that agency for leases to explore.  Meanwhile its bureau head, Mike Bromwich (NGP Photo), was proclaiming that no actual or de facto moratorium applied to Alaska.

Alaska is among the lowest populated states of America.  But the state hosts about 3/4 of America's coastline, most of America's potential energy reservoirs, most of America's potential reserves of industrial metals and strategic minerals.  It is over twice the size of Texas, 20% the size of America.  So it is no wonder the environmentalists wishing to change America's way of life are targeting the great giant Alaska with help from a complicit federal administration whose proven style is, "Act now without transparency to stop development and let environmentalists defend us in court, if we are sued.  Meanwhile the ardor of developers will have evaporated and investment dollars will have been outsourced with jobs to foreign producing areas."

So, here we are: citizens faced with a deadline for comment today on the Interior Department's latest duplicatave and unnecessary comment period.  The social and environmental activists -- for many of whom community organizing and comment periods are part of the job -- are hard at work filling the record with their comments: "We don't need oil," they say; "just give more subsidies to windmills and tidal generators".  We fear that if we do not comment, Obama's minions will say, "the weight of the record falls in support of not developing our resources".

With that in mind, our energies are renewed.  We once again scramble to encourage our friends throughout Alaska and America to wake up to this threatening reality and to comment--this time on the July 11 deadline for comment on the Chukchi Sea SEIS.  

And lest we forget the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom by fighting tyranny on foreign shores, we recognize that we have an obligation to defend against domestic tyranny: the overreaching, arbitrary and capricious efforts of the current elected and appointed leaders of America to erode the economic ground on which Lady Liberty stands.

Like soldiers, we must face comment period after comment period and hold the line.  We cannot retreat for if we do we know the hoards will overrun our positions and ransack the economy -- and there will be nothing left for our children who now hope as we once did for a chance to grasp the American dream.


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