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11-18-12 Notes From the Road

18 November 2012 2:46am


Dear Readers:

We continue our photo, writing and other assignments as we explore more of Ecuador, this time the many micro climates leading gradually down from Cuenca to Loja and Vilcabamba.  

Cuenca, Ecuador, Dancers, Photo by Dave HarbourWe cannot speak too highly of the City of Cuenca, Ecuador, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Photo by Dave Harbourdelectable, organic food and the sweetness of the indigenous people and courtesy of Spanish descendants--from children to shopkeepers to executives.  The cultural offerings challenge any accomplishments in the performing and visual arts of which we are aware and the scenery, wildlife and consistently moderate climate make visiting here a true joy.  

Yesterday I had the additional honor, as a former Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Chairman to provide photographic services for the Chamber's annual celebration of visitors (NGP Photo).  

Guests could walk down the stairs from the Cathedral Todos Los Santos to El Puente Roto (Broken Bridge).  There, a Saturday Market-like setting greeted visitors who enjoyed indigenous music and dancing in the 70 degree setting, complete with complimentary local foods and booths describing telecommunications, senior assisted living, finance, TravelMed surgeries, job hunting and local outdoor and indoor events galore.  One Ex-Pat local couple was sitting on a big rock by the River Cuenca, Ecuador, Ex-Pat, Lovers, Photo by Dave Harbourenjoying the music and magic of the day Consuelo Jimbo, Homero Ortega, Panama Hat, Iconic model, Photo by Dave Harbour(NGP Photo).  I was happy to again encounter -- following an earlier trip in July to the factory -- Consuelo Jimbo (NGP Photo) of the Homero Ortega Company.  Consuelo is an iconic model for the company, seen in magazines and posters around the world.  Here, without having to watch her fingers work their magic, she weaves a 'Panama Hat', made famous by many films but actually originated and still made today in Ecuador.

Today comes a new adventure and departure from the business of Cuenca--a road trip from the higher ground here through some of the most beautiful mountains and valleys anywhere to the Valley of Longevity I have long wanted to photograph.

Few citizens here speak English forcing me to seek greater mastery of a language of my youth.  Though I miss my family every minute, the adventure itself is fulfilling: poignant and full of new and colorful sights, nomadic challenges, and a very important quest for understanding at this special time of my life.

If readers have questions about this trip or wish to make comments, please feel free to do so though it might be sometime before you have a response.

Meanwhile, never fear, the energy reporting continues tomorrow, in these Notes From the Road.

Your interest means much.  Be well.






16 November 2012 10:34am

Ewart: U.S. energy self-sufficiency not doomsday for Canada - Calgary Herald - By Stephen Ewart, Calgary Herald November 15, 2012 10:32 AM. Tweet. Comment. 0 ... The IEA also predicted the U.S. would overtake Russia as the leading natural gas producer in 2015 and be all but self-sufficient in energy by 2035. Apparently, the ...

Oilsands will be a definining showdown in battle between forms of ... - Jim Prentice, calgary MP, harper cabinet, canada, photo by dave harbourNational Post - Jim Prentice (NGP Photo), the former Calgary MP who who served in the Harper cabinet as minister ...investment in Canada – in particular as it pertains to oil and gas.

Braid: Latest obstacle to oilsands product pure nonsense  -  Calgary Herald.  B.C.'s politically unstable premier, Christy Clark, has already unilaterally categorized an Alberta product as different — and bad — to justify her opposition to the proposed Northern Gatewaypipeline. We're now having trouble sending the stuff to ...

Redford wants 'dialogue' with Quebec about roadblocks to Alberta oil - Calgary Herald
The spat comes as Calgary-based pipeline companies are looking for new ways to move additional crude into Eastern Canada. Enbridge is planning a significant expansion of its pipelines that carry crude from the oilsands and Bakken shale oilfield to ...


15 November 2012 2:41am

Michael Whatley, Consumer Energy Alliance, Intangible Drilling Cost, Tax Credit, Oil and gas drilling incentive, Photo by Dave HarbourHouston Chronicle: Energy alliance official: Keystone approval likely soon.  “I think there’s no doubt the Keystone pipeline will be approved in fairly short order and generate economic growth,” John Northington, counsel to the alliance, said. But Northington and former Bush campaign official Michael Whatley (NGP Photo), executive vice president of the alliance, agreed looming talks about tax reform threaten to hurt independent drilling companies if the tax credit for intangible drilling costs is cut or eliminated. “If you take away those intangible drilling costs (for) independent producers, 25 percent of their drilling budget is going to come off the table,” Whatley said.  **Houston Business Journal and Yahoo! News also report.  

Charlotte Observer by Bruce Henderson.  Piedmont Natural Gas has invested $180 million in a pipeline project that will ship natural gas from the massive Marcellus Shale deposits in northern Pennsylvania to markets in New York and New England.

Politico by Byron Tau.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (NGP Archive Photo) threatened Ken Salazar, punch you out, wild horses, colorado, Photo by Dave Harbourto punch a reporter on a recent trip to Colorado, according to witnesses.  Dave Philipps, a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette, tried to ask Salazar about his appointments to the Bureau of Land Management and the wild horse population in the state. Specifically, Philipps had questions about the government's relationship with a wild horse buyer who allegedly sold more than 1,700 horses to Mexican slaughterhouses.  Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the Cloud Foundation, witnessed the exchange between Salazar and a reporter. Her organization put out a release cataloging the exchange and blasting Salazar for his treatment of the press. The group captured video of some of the exchange, but stopped recording before the threat itself.  According to Kathrens, Salazar took two questions from Philipps before disagreeing with his line of questioning.  "Don't you ever ... You know what, you do that again... I'll punch you out," Salazar reportedly told Philipps before ending the interview and walking off.




14 November 2012 9:33am

Deborah Yedlin, Photo courtesy Calgary HeraldCalgary Herald by Deborah Yedlin (Photo).  For years, energy scarcity is what has driven government energy policy.  Nowhere more so than Alberta.  But that changed, for real, on Monday when the International Energy Agency released its latest forecast for production and consumption.

Homer Tribune, by Naomi Klouda.  Buccaneer Energy Limited intends to move forward with drilling plans three miles offshore from Anchor Point this winter, the company announced on Tuesday. 
In a press from the company’s Houston headquarters, the company did not commit to a date for when the Endeavour jack-up rig would move from the Homer Deep Water Dock, however.

Oil Price: Fracking to be Gutted in Obama's 2nd Term?  -  The U.S. energy companies, having heavily backed Obama’s opponent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, are now nervously contemplating their future on many levels, as they massively supported his opponent. Romney promised to get the federal government, most notably the Environmental Protection Agency (ironically, established by a Republican President, Richard Milhous Nixon, in 1970)  to back off their practices, as well as opening up to their interests both federal lands and offshore areas to energy companies in a search for U.S. energy autonomy.

11-13-12 - "Alaska Under Siege"

13 November 2012 2:37am


Video Production
Dan Fagan
Our Commentary.  Dan Fagan's (NGP Photo) world class video documentary Dan Fagan, Alaska Under Siege, Federal overreach, NPR-A, Alaska Statehood Compact, Lisa Murkowski, Commissioner Dan Sullivan, Sean Parnell, Wally Hickel, Clem Tillion, John Binkley, Charisse Millett, Irene Ryan, Mead Treadwell, EPA, Salazar Ken, Interior Department, BLM, Alaska Statehood Act, Photo by Dave Harbour, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Alaska Native, Alaska jobs, Last Frontier, 49th State, Chukchi Sea, OCS, Shell Oil, leasing policy, oil leases, timber industry, tongassshould be required viewing for every Alaska citizen, member of Congress, every federal official dealing with Alaska energy and natural resource issues and our Canadian readers desiring to better understand their westerly, Northern cousin.
Part one of the series introduces the concept of federal overreaching jurisdiction in Alaska, the application of the federal ‘iron fist’ and how it is successfully clouding the potential, bright future of Alaska (and America).   This part begins with the 1959 ‘Statehood Compact’, the promises made and broken, and concludes by documenting the Interior Department’s effort in late 2012 to close off half of America’s National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska to petroleum production.   
For a more complete understanding of Alaska's suffering under the heavy hand of the Federal Government, see the historical, Broken Promises, Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Part two deals with the malfeasance, economic damage to the country and hypocrisy of federal government agencies. 

Part three deals with EPA’s overreaching grab for jurisdiction of state land mining activity, and the environmental-governmental cabal that terminated Alaska’s vibrant, responsible timber industry and the 20,000 jobs and economic activity that accompanied it.  
Interviews and video clips feature the EPA Administrator, Alaska’s Governors, Lieutenant Governor, State Legislators, U.S. Senators, Commissioner of Natural Resources, Alaska Native leaders, environmental advocates and business representatives.  
"The Dan Fagan Show" was televised throughout Alaska from 6AM to 9AM  on Fox-4 KTBY, Channel 645 in high definition, and video streamed globally on the Dan Fagan Show Facebook page.  Regrettably, Fagan left the state shortly after this production was released.    -dh 2-14-14




12 November 2012 4:37am

Petroleum News Alaska by Eric Lidji (NGP Photo).  The public corporation of the state is currently conducting due diligence to determine whether it should build, own and operate a 4.5-mile access road connecting the existing Tarn road to the Mustang field, as well as a production pad at the development site.   After announcing a 40 million barrel discovery earlier this year, the small independent Brooks Range Petroleum Corp. is working to bring the Mustang field online by 2014.

 Consumer Energy Alliance Weekly Report

Your Alaska Link hosts Doreen Lorenz and Mark Colveccio interview Dan Fauske (NGP Photo), CEO of the Alaska Gasline Development Authority (AGDC), Dan Fauske, AGDC, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, AGIA, Photo by Dave Harbouralso referred to as the As Soon As Possible (ASAP) project.  See video: 

Petroleum News Alaska by Eric Lidji.  Almost a decade after regulators gave the utility permission to set its rates at will, an economist representing the state Attorney General’s office believes state regulators should once again subject Fairbanks Natural Gas LLC to traditional rate regulation.  “The rationale for FNG’s economic exemption is negated by its pricing behavior,” economist Christina Klein wrote in testimony to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.  




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