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03 October 2014 4:46am

CBC.  Oil prices may be at a two-year low, but that doesn’t seem to be dampening the spirits at the International Pipeline Exposition in Calgary.

Cryopolitics by Mike Bennett On September 26, ConocoPhillips‘ Polar Discovery departed the Valdez Marine Terminal in Alaska for Yeosu, South Korea.    ...     The 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act, passed during the oil embargo to protect American consumers from price shocks and volatility, generally prohibits U.S. oil from export. Debate over the practicality of the law has grown in recent years, especially thanks to the hydraulic fracking boom in North Frank Murkowski, crude oil exports, Alaska, U.S. Senate, father of senator Lisa Murkowski, Dave Harbour PhotoDakota. Still, only a few select locations in the U.S. are exempt from the ban. Oil transported through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline has been permitted export since 1996, while Cook Inlet oil has enjoyed the privilege for a longer time, since 1985. At the time, then senator Frank Murkowski (NGP Photo) declared,

“This is a small beginning but it can be a catalyst to unlock some of the previously impenetrable barriers.”

Lisa Murkowski, crude oil exports, Alaska, U.S. Senate, daughter of senator Frank Murkowski, Dave Harbour PhotoIf that name sounds familiar, that’s because Murkowski is the father of current Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), who filled his seat when he became governor in 2002. She then won election in 2004. Remarking on the export of North Slope oil to Korea, Murkowski stated in words that echoed her predecessor:

“This is the first North Slope cargo to leave Alaska for overseas markets in a decade. I am encouraged to see Alaska increasing its participation in global oil markets. It’s my hope that Lower 48 oil will soon follow suit.”


02 October 2014 7:30am

Fairbanks News Miner Op-Ed by Susan Bell.  Thanks to the Alaska Industrial Development Authority’s (AIDEA) lead role on Gov. Parnell’s Interior Energy Project, lower energy costs are in sight. Working closely with the Alaska Energy Authority and local utilities to develop North Slope gas, AIDEA’s efforts will significantly increase access to lower cost natural gas in the near future. Expansion of the Fairbanks distribution system and construction of the North Slope pad are significant and visible project milestones.

TransCanada Corp. sells stake in Bison Pipeline for US$215 million
Calgary Herald, TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) said Wednesday it has signed a deal to sell its remaining 30 per cent stake in Bison Pipeline LLC to its ...


01 October 2014 6:34am

Parnell, Walker clash on spending, gas line Fairbanks Daily Bill Walker, State Spending, Independent Candidate for Governor, Dave Harbour PhotoNews-Miner Sean Parnell, Governor Alaska, Debate with Bill Walker, Independent Candidate for Governor, Photo by Dave HarbourSean Parnell clashed with his major rival, independent Bill Walker, on state spending ... Parnell also sniped at Walker teaming up with Byron Mallottwho ... Under the plan, the state's interest in the pipeline and gas-treatment plan ...

Enbridge eyes growth opportunities outside of North American home base Calgary Herald
CALGARY - Enbridge Inc. is eyeing new opportunities outside of its home base of North America, including early-stage plans to build a ...


30 September 2014 1:21am

SaskPower to launch carbon-capture power plant; hopes it will be model for world
Calgary Herald... power station with a mechanism to capture carbon dioxide emissions and transport the gas through a steel pipeline into storage deep underground.

Mi'kmaq leaders protesting $100M Alton gas storage project.  CBC.ca.  Mi'kmaq leaders protesting $100M Alton gas storage project ... space will store compressed natural gas delivered by the Maritimes Northeast pipeline.


29 September 2014 8:20am

ADN by Alex DeMaban.  Scott Hawkins (NGP Photo), founder Scott Hawkins, Prosperity Alaska, Ecnomist, Supply Chain, SB 21, Initiative Process, ballot propositionof Prosperity Alaska, believes the voting public should not decide complex tax questions or other measures that increase regulations or permitting of businesses.  

“Oil taxation is an incredibly technical, complex, arcane subject. It does not belong on the ballot,” said Hawkins, president of Advanced Supply Chain International in Anchorage, providing support to oil and gas, mining and other industries. “Our elected officials spent years and thousands of hours in hearings and hired experts and oil taxatiConon is not a suitable subject for the ballot.”


Consumer Energy Alliance Energy Links for TODAY:

Omaha World-Herald: Willie Nelson, Neil Young lend their talents to Keystone XL fight*Michael Whatley Mentioned

Music legends Willie Nelson and Neil Young delivered Saturday on a promise to comfort opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline while also pleasing a few project supporters who ventured into a crowded Nebraska farm field.

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Norfolk Daily News: Keystone XL foes sing out, call on U.S. to stand up *Michael Whatley Mentioned

Music legends Willie Nelson and Neil Young delivered Saturday on a promise to comfort opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline while also pleasing a few project supporters who ventured into a crowded Nebraska farm field.

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Nebraska’s NET- NPR: Behind The Singing, Anti-Pipeline Stars Clash With Pipeline Promoters *Michael Whatley Quoted

On stage in front of an estimated 8,000 concertgoers, Neil Young was sweetly singing “Heart of Gold” one minute. But a short while before, he’d been harshly berating the industry that wants to build Keystone XL to pipe oil from the sands of Alberta, Canada to Texas.


Build KXL Now: Harper: KXL Approval is “Inevitable”

In a meeting in New York earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Harper assured attendees that U.S. approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline is unavoidable. Harper said that despite delays in the approval of the project, the need for the KXL hasn’t gone away.


The Florida Times-Union: JEA seeks collaboration amid debate over Obama pollution reduction plan*Kevin Doyle Quoted

JEA officials insist they are seeking collaboration — not political debate — over the Obama administration’s plan to reduce pollution from the nation’s power plants, a proposal that would in some cases require utilities to make big changes to the way they’ve done business for decades.

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Ocala Star Banner: Letters to the Editor for Sept. 27, 2014 *Kevin Doyle LTE

In response to the Star-Banner's Sept. 23rd editorial, “Florida's untapped potential,” we would like to offer an alternative perspective. The newspaper's editorial failed to consider the impact to consumers' pocketbooks. The editorial made no mention of the fact that the rates that consumers pay for electricity in Vermont are upwards of 50 percent more than they are in Florida.

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Herald-Tribune: Renewable, but at a cost *Kevin Doyle LTE

In response to the Herald-Tribune's Sept. 17 editorial ("Florida's untapped potential: Vermont city exposes Sunshine State's shortcomings") we would like to offer an alternative perspective.

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Argus Leader: Nelson, Young perform anti-pipeline concert

Roughly 8,000 people filled a northeast Nebraska farm Saturday to hear Willie Nelson and Neil Young perform at a concert organized by opponents of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.


NRDC: Neil Young, Willie Nelson and 8,000 in Nebraska Stand Up to the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Under a warm September sun, thousands spread out across the cornfield on the Tanderup family farm in Neligh, Nebraska. We sang along with Neil Young and Willie Nelson to honor the beautiful Nebraska farms and ranches, waters and traditional lands. Willie Nelson and Neil Young both have a long track record of standing up for the family farmers.


Nebraska Radio Network: Transportation Secretary sees no quick solution to rail car shortage

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx can’t promise any solution this fall to a rail car shortage threatening harvest season. Farmers need rail cars to move crops, but rail has been diverted to hauling oil from the Bakken oil fields in Montana and North Dakota.


USA Today: U.S. carbon emissions rise despite Obama climate plan

U.S. emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide have risen 6% in the last two years despite the Obama administration's efforts to curb global warming, federal data show.

CBS News: EPA approves power plant partial shut down proposal

Federal regulators have signed off on a settlement that calls for shutting down part of a coal-fired power plant in northwestern New Mexico that serves more than 2 million customers in the Southwest.


Tribune-Review: Pippy: Coal power plant regulations not 'realistic'

John Pippy summed up the attitude of the coal industry toward developing state and federal clean air standards by simply saying: “Oversight is good, overreach is bad.”


The Hill: The right option for offshore leasing

The U.S. government could learn important lessons on offshore leasing from financial markets and oil companies.


Wall Street Journal: Why Peak-Oil Predictions Haven't Come True

For decades, it has been a doomsday scenario looming large in the popular imagination: The world's oil production tops out and then starts an inexorable decline—sending costs soaring and forcing nations to lay down strict rationing programs and battle for shrinking reserves.


Washington Times: Hydraulic fracturing is the answer to global warming

The game-changer for the United States has been the shale oil and gas revolution over the past six years brought about through new smart drilling technologies. The United States is now the largest natural-gas producer in the world. We have replaced Russia as No. 1. As America has produced more natural gas, we have shifted away from coal. This, according to the Energy Information Administration, accounts for more than 60 percent of the carbon-dioxide emission reductions in the United States. Mr. Obama never mentioned that.


Associated Press: Gas drillers draw less water

The gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania is recycling more and more water and one river basin commission now reports drillers there are drawing less freshwater than in the past. Water use by the natural gas industry in the Susquehanna River Basin peaked at about 3.8 billion gallons in 2011 and that figure declined to about 3.1 billion gallons in 2013.


Bloomberg BNA: Chemical Makers Tell EPA Not to Mandate HF Fluid Disclosure

Chemical makers and energy companies have told the Environmental Protection Agency there is no need for it to require them to report information about the chemicals used for hydraulic fracturing fluids.


Financial Times: Rising shale output disrupts US gas prices

The new direction for the Rockies Express shows how pipeline companies are scrambling to keep up with breakthroughs in shale gas drilling. Unlike shale oil, which is booming in North Dakota and Texas, the strongest shale gas growth is in northeastern states.


Washington Post: Nation rushes to embrace natural gas

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s attitude toward natural-gas “fracking” seems to depend on whether it occurs somewhere that would be politically inconvenient for him.


Mohave Valley Daily News: Judge refuses to halt HF

A federal judge has refused to block the release of oil and gas leases in Nevada that critics say will be used for hydraulic fracturing that could harm sage grouse and cause more environmental damage than the Bureau of Land Management admits.


9-28-14 BP's Paskvan Honored

28 September 2014 1:50am

Julie Hasquet of BP alerts us that lifelong Alaskan and long-time BP Alaska employee Frank Paskvan was honored at UAF Friday night with the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award.  We add our congratulations, having heard him speak a number of times on the importance of Alaska's North Slope energy assets, including gas hydrates.





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