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27 December 2014 7:27pm

Fifty per cent decline in oil prices since June felt across oilpatch and the country.  Calgary Herald.  The top story in the Canadian oil and gas industry in 2014 wasn't even on the radar in mid-June when West Texas Intermediate crude was trading for ...


26 December 2014 11:36am

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Canadian, U.S. Coast Guards and Foss Maritime coordinate a textbook response operation. Robust response trumps the need for later salvage. In the early hours of Friday, October 17, the crew of the Russian cargo ship Simushir attempted to repair a broken oil heater. On its way to Pevek in the Russian Far East, the vessel suddenly lost propulsion and began drifting toward the nearest land....

12-25-14 Merry Christmas!

25 December 2014 3:19pm

Bill Tobin, William J Tobin, Anchorage Times, Christmas, Photo by Dave Harbour, Bob Atwood, Evangeline Atwood

On Christmas, we remember how our friend, Bill Tobin (NGP Photo), used to include this Christmas Tree every year on the Anchorage Times editorial page.  We are delighted to carry on the tradition and reprint Bill's Christmas Tree below as a tribute to our great Alaska predecessors and as a commitment to honor and propagate and emulate their pioneering spirits.




This Eve 

Of Christmas, 

We Once Again 

Decorate A Little 

Tree To Say Thanks To 

All Of You Who have Blessed 

Us With Your Friendship Over 

More years Than We Care To Count. 


As These 

Have Unfolded, 

More And More We 

Have Come To Realize 

That The World Is Filled 

More By Goodness Than It 

Is By Evil, And That A Smile 

Goes Much Farther Than A Frown. 

We Are 

Reminded That 

It's Better To Light 

One Little Candle Than 

It Is To Curse The Darkness, 

And That Mostly Has Been The 

Mission Of This Little Corner Of The 

Times For All These Years That We Have 

Been Enriched By The Opportunity To Be 

With Faithful Readers, Week After Week. 


At Almost 

Every Christmas 

We Have Offered Here 

The Holy Prayer Of St. Francis 

Of Assisi, And With Joy We Do So 

Again, In Hopes It Reflects Simple Ways 

We Each Could Help Build A Better World: 


Make Me 

An Instrument Of 

Your Peace. Where There 

Is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love; 

Where There Is Injury, Pardon; 

Where There Is Doubt, Faith; Where 

There Is Despair, Hope; Where There Is 

Darkness, Light; And Where There Is Sadness, 


O Divine 

Master, Grant 

That I May Not So 

Much Seek To Be Consoled 

As To Console; To Be Understood 

As To Understand; To Be Loved As To 

Love; For It Is In Giving That We Receive; 

It Is In Pardoning That We Are Pardoned, And 

 It Is In Dying That 

We Are Born 

To Eternal 


                                                                                 - William J. Tobin



24 December 2014 7:27pm

Fortnightly.  The Death of the Grid?  As Mark Twain would say, the reports are exaggerated.  By Charles E. Bayless.  Some have predicted the demise of the grid, as the system gradually transforms into millions of standalone renewable units, such as rooftop solar and the like, backed up by batteries or small generators. But in order to obtain the quickest adoption of renewable energy, while retaining the cheapest overall cost, the exact opposite is true. For renewable energy to succeed on a large scale, the grid is indispensable. READ MORE

12-23-14 U.S. Invests In Alaskan Arctic

23 December 2014 11:32am

Jack Laasch, Brooks Range Petroleum, Alliance, Alaska, North Slope, Photo by Dave HarbourPetroleum News by Alan Bailey.  Nabors rig 16-E is about to move on site to drill three new wells in the North Slope Mustang field this winter, Jack Laasch (NGP Photo), Brooks Range Petroleum’s operations strategy manager, told the Alaska Support Industry Alliance Dec. 11. Having already completed the field’s gravel access road and pad, Brook....

ADN/The Arctic Sounder by Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, US Senate, energy and natural resources, Arctic Sounder, Alaska Dispatch, Photo by Dave HarbourCarey Restino.  

Efforts to move forward with Arctic priorities got a boost with the passage of the federal spending bill last week, which included items Alaska’s lawmakers are calling vital to the Arctic. 

“This bill is not perfect, but it is the product of bipartisan negotiations and directs resources critical to our state -- protecting the health and well-being of Alaskans and our fisheries, prioritizing our defense and investing in infrastructure for our state’s needs and America’s Arctic future,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), in a release. “I thank my colleagues for coming together to avoid another unnecessary government shutdown, and I thank them for recognizing the importance of these provisions for Alaska.”

Today's relevant news links from the office of the Alaska gasline's Federal Coordinator, soon scheduled to close:

12-22-14 Alaska Gas Project In Doubt - White House Still Stalls Keystone XL - Premier Creates Confusing Fracking Obstacle

22 December 2014 8:41am

Alan Bailey, Petroleum News, Interior Alaska, natural gas, project, AGDC, LNG Trucking, Photo by Dave HarbourPetroleum News by Alan Bailey (NGP Photo). 

New Fracking Obstacle: What the heck is a "Social License?"

CBC News by Jacques Poitras.

Premier Brian Gallant says gaining social license will be one of the five conditions hydraulic fracturing will have to meet if his government is to lift its moratorium on the technique.

Steve Moran, the chief executive officer of Corridor Resources, says it’s a frustratingly vague concept that he doesn’t know how to achieve.

"Even the premier when he was asked didn't really have an answer in terms of what that mean," Moran told CBC News.

With estimated costs higher than anticipated and a concession agreement due to expire at the end of December, the board of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority faces some tough decisions over the future of the Interior Energy Project, a project designed to bring affordable North Slope natural gas to consumers in Fairbanks.

The project involves the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant on the Slope; a trucking operation to ship LNG from the plant to Fairbanks; LNG storage and liquefaction facilities in Fairbanks; and utility distribution pipelines for delivering gas to customers.

Jim Prentice, Keystone, XL, Gary Doer, Obama, East, Photo by Dave Harbour, Premier, AlbertaAlberta Premier Jim Prentice (NGP Photo) and Canada’s ambassador to the United States talked about pipelines Friday as they met with Calgary's business community.

Gary Doer says there are a lot of positive signs in the coming year for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. The TransCanada project would carry crude oil from northern Alberta to refineries in Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast in Texas.

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