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10-5-14 Personal: Another tribute to my Dad, Col. Dave Harbour

04 October 2014 10:01pm

Point of personal privilege.  Col. Dave Harbour continues to be remembered by Google, Amazon and this newest video, as we continue to love and miss him and Mom.  -dh





04 October 2014 7:38pm

Guide to Alaska natural gas projects  Petroleum News
14 issue of Petroleum News, includes the Alaska LNG Project, ... TransCanada and the Alaska Gasline Development Corp.; a smaller-scale LNG ...


03 October 2014 4:46am

CBC.  Oil prices may be at a two-year low, but that doesn’t seem to be dampening the spirits at the International Pipeline Exposition in Calgary.

Cryopolitics by Mike Bennett On September 26, ConocoPhillips‘ Polar Discovery departed the Valdez Marine Terminal in Alaska for Yeosu, South Korea.    ...     The 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act, passed during the oil embargo to protect American consumers from price shocks and volatility, generally prohibits U.S. oil from export. Debate over the practicality of the law has grown in recent years, especially thanks to the hydraulic fracking boom in North Frank Murkowski, crude oil exports, Alaska, U.S. Senate, father of senator Lisa Murkowski, Dave Harbour PhotoDakota. Still, only a few select locations in the U.S. are exempt from the ban. Oil transported through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline has been permitted export since 1996, while Cook Inlet oil has enjoyed the privilege for a longer time, since 1985. At the time, then senator Frank Murkowski (NGP Photo) declared,

“This is a small beginning but it can be a catalyst to unlock some of the previously impenetrable barriers.”

Lisa Murkowski, crude oil exports, Alaska, U.S. Senate, daughter of senator Frank Murkowski, Dave Harbour PhotoIf that name sounds familiar, that’s because Murkowski is the father of current Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo), who filled his seat when he became governor in 2002. She then won election in 2004. Remarking on the export of North Slope oil to Korea, Murkowski stated in words that echoed her predecessor:

“This is the first North Slope cargo to leave Alaska for overseas markets in a decade. I am encouraged to see Alaska increasing its participation in global oil markets. It’s my hope that Lower 48 oil will soon follow suit.”


02 October 2014 7:30am

Fairbanks News Miner Op-Ed by Susan Bell.  Thanks to the Alaska Industrial Development Authority’s (AIDEA) lead role on Gov. Parnell’s Interior Energy Project, lower energy costs are in sight. Working closely with the Alaska Energy Authority and local utilities to develop North Slope gas, AIDEA’s efforts will significantly increase access to lower cost natural gas in the near future. Expansion of the Fairbanks distribution system and construction of the North Slope pad are significant and visible project milestones.

TransCanada Corp. sells stake in Bison Pipeline for US$215 million
Calgary Herald, TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) said Wednesday it has signed a deal to sell its remaining 30 per cent stake in Bison Pipeline LLC to its ...


01 October 2014 6:34am

Parnell, Walker clash on spending, gas line Fairbanks Daily Bill Walker, State Spending, Independent Candidate for Governor, Dave Harbour PhotoNews-Miner Sean Parnell, Governor Alaska, Debate with Bill Walker, Independent Candidate for Governor, Photo by Dave HarbourSean Parnell clashed with his major rival, independent Bill Walker, on state spending ... Parnell also sniped at Walker teaming up with Byron Mallottwho ... Under the plan, the state's interest in the pipeline and gas-treatment plan ...

Enbridge eyes growth opportunities outside of North American home base Calgary Herald
CALGARY - Enbridge Inc. is eyeing new opportunities outside of its home base of North America, including early-stage plans to build a ...


30 September 2014 1:21am

SaskPower to launch carbon-capture power plant; hopes it will be model for world
Calgary Herald... power station with a mechanism to capture carbon dioxide emissions and transport the gas through a steel pipeline into storage deep underground.

Mi'kmaq leaders protesting $100M Alton gas storage project.  CBC.ca.  Mi'kmaq leaders protesting $100M Alton gas storage project ... space will store compressed natural gas delivered by the Maritimes Northeast pipeline.
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